Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I was a little bit late leaving for work, knitting ya know . I kept thinking "just a few more stitches" but finally gathered up my bag and headed out. As I started down the steps a movement caught my eye, and then realized what it was... this beauty landing on my driveway. I grabbed my camera, put it in macro mode and said a silent prayer that this jewel wouldn't fly away before I got at least one pic. As soon as I got close, she/he folded up the wings. Ok...I'll take a side shot, but as I lowered my creaky body to the pavement it opened up, and stayed that way with some fluttering but basically sitting quite still. I snapped numerous pics ignoring warnings that they were blurred but managed to get some good ones.

One of the reasons I wanted a digital camera was because I am quite fascinated with bugs and bees and spiders and have wasted a lot of film in my little 35mm trying to get close up pics. And now I know it can be done with this one. Of course, they might not all be so cooperative

It just amazes me how much beauty there is around me and I am so thankful that today I got to see this baby up close and personal. And I'm really glad that the knitting kept me from leaving a few minutes earlier.

I was concerned that maybe something was wrong with it since there were no flower blossoms or anything to keep it's interest. However, as soon as I quit and got back up on my feet, the pretty one flew away.

What a way to start the day!


~France said...

Absolutely! The only way! And she IS gorgeous!!

Linna said...

Great pix Mercy!

Anonymous said...

OH I'm not the only one fascinated with bugs. I love the bright colored ones. We tend to have a lot of red and black bugs, I wonder if that has to do with red soil?