Friday, April 14, 2006

DAY OFF, sort of!

We have been sooooo busy at work. Which in some ways is a very good thing. If there wasn't work that needed doing, I'd be living under a bridge or something equally depressing. But part of the reason is that we have had some key people out with serious illness. And now we add to the list. Another extremely key person is going to have surgery on Monday and probably be out a couple of weeks. The nursing coordinator told me yesterday that I cannot call in sick or be gone for the next two weeks, and then I can take all the sick leave I have (LOL she doesn't know that's a lot) and she'll sign it off. She was laughing when she said it but it really is important that I show up as I get to help her with a small part of the work that surgery person does. It should be interesting as I can barely (and sometimes can't) keep up with what I do now.

HOWEVER, today is a day off. Prescheduled thank goodness. A small part of it will be spent in a Dr's office in the City, but a good part of it will be spent shopping! I had planned on using a friend's car as there is no way I would trust mine to drive me farther than the local Walmart and sometimes that's iffy. But a couple of nights ago she called and said she thought she would just take the day off too. And, my niece-of-choice is out of school for Good Friday so she's going too! We have such a good time together. Too older broads and an 11 year old shopping fool. So far the plans include Old Navy, Petsmart (a grab cat food and go stop), Target AND the yarn store!

They've had a bag on display for a long with little colored ribbon flecks throughout that I just love. And now I feel I MUST make it. Oh please, oh please still be there. Please have the yarn available. Please have the instructions as a printout or something and not an entire book.

I've traded all my rolled coins in for paper money and I'm ready to go! Woohoo! Hell, it surely doesn't take much to excite me, I guess.

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