Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well rats!

We had a good time in the City Friday. The doc was pleased and said I don't have to come back for a year...which will mean the end of good excuses to take off during the week. My cholesterol and lipids are in the normal range for the first time I can ever remember. We laughed a lot and ate at McDonald's twice and I got a pair of casual shoes for work at Academy for $12. Gotta love a sale.

However, my long anticipated trip to the yarn store was disappointing. The bag was no longer on the wall. The owner knew exactly which one I was talking about and just said it's gone. I asked if she could tell me what yarn was used, where the pattern came from, anything about it and the answers were all "no". :-((( I think I could probably find some good felting wool in an appropriate color...or even something totally different like red dirt color :-) But I have no idea what the carry-along stuff was (I'm just assuming it was a carry along). I'm not really into novelty yarns but I guess I'll have to pay more attention. As I remember, it looked like little snippets of 1/8 inch wide ribbon in multi color. And the base didn't show at all or else it was just covered up during the felting. They didn't stick out far, so it looked more like a tweedy or heathered effect. Oh well, it's always good to have something to look for. I guess maybe it was a class thing but I surely wish she could have given me a clue.

I did get some #13 dpns so that I can make some really fat Icord for the red/blue bag. I want to get that made so I'll know exactly how much yarn I have left for the bag itself. And I got the new Mason-Dixon knitting book which I think I love! I sort of wish I had gotten it from Amazon or Barnes/Noble cause it would have been $10 cheaper but I think I was sort of wrapped up in the "I'm in a yarn shop and I have to buy something and it's best to support your LYS"

Spent yesterday doing household stuff broken by a trip to the library where we talked about knitting! I had my sock in my bag so had to show that off too.

Today's going to be a mostly lazy day. Am going to have Easter dinner with my FOC which means I'll be way too full, and need a nap later. The only "must" thing I have to do is going to require help. My neighbor called me out to tell me that I have a dead possum stuck under my garage door. The doors are shed type so I can't just lift it up. I feel so badly for the possum that I cry everytime I think of trying to drag him out from under it so hopefully one of my FOC can help me lift the door just a bit. Poor dear must have felt like going shopping in there since it's mostly packed with junk going out for bulky trash in June.

Oh, my young niece of choice and I had a great time last night watching music videos on the computer. So, we're watching Pink's new Stupid Girls video and she looks at me and says "Susu, I think you're a switch" Hmm, I know what that means in "my" world but have no idea what it means in the 11 year old world and was scared to ask.

So on that note, I shall go paint my toenails while channeling Gina Gershon ...I'm just sayin'

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