Thursday, April 06, 2006

byebye for now Regia

well, the regia sock is frogged and back in the stash. I like using it a lot but I just "need" more color right now. So, here's the new project. Isn't this just the happiest yarn??? It's Knitpicks' Dancing sock yarn and this particular dance is Tap. It's shiny and laughs as I knit and purl it. And so do I. I've had it awhile; I ordered it a month or so ago when I first started seriously thinking of the yellow socks. So it's passed the fondle test. I love the way the color is sort of random as opposed to stripes. And it seems that every few stitches you're using a different color. Makes for a fun time. But geez, I am still quite slow. It's going to take awhile before this is a sock, I think. The process is fun tho.

oops, thunder...better get out of here.

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Anonymous said...

That sure is some purty yarn there. Nice and springy. (Yay for frogging, sometimes you just gotta do it...)