Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here's a wee bit of the faded Easter egg dye yarn. Really not that bad although certainly what I was trying for. The best part is the yarn. OMG it's so nice to work with. Soft and it just sort of goes where it's supposed to. I know...that doesn't make a lot of sense but it's the only way I know how to describe the feeling. The swatch is done on #2 dpns with those rubber stoppers on the end so I could just knit a str8 swatch. Heh, I'm swatching. Now if I only knew what to do with what i know. I'm thinking this is going to involve math. :::running and hiding::: So if I measure around my ankle, and divide that by how many stitches are in an inch....no wait. I measure to determine how big around it needs to be, and then if it's ohhhh say 10 inches..(cause that's easy to multiply) and there are 7 stitches to the inch (cause that's how many there are) then I would need 70 stitches to go around. LOL I just love thinking out loud. I have a bazillion yarn labels in my bag but not one that went to this yarn. It's pretty skinny so maybe it's sock yarn. Hey, maybe if I go to Knitpicks I can find out how many stitches each of the dye-it-yourself yarn is supposed to make. errm...I don't know if the needle size matters. Oh well, we shall see.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget to deduct about 10% to allow for stretch. (Ask me how I learned that one!) It's probably the KnitPicks dye your own sock yarn, and that would make it 7-8 stitches on #2 or 3 needles. (I'm knitting the same yarn right now.) I cast on 64 stitches and doing a k2p2 ribbing. Your results may vary. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that's deduct 10% and ROUND UP to the next increment of 4. Is it too late in the day for Big Math?
Oh, 64 would be right for you. 70 stitches - 10% (-7) = 63, and round up to the next full increment of 4=64. Yeah. Whew.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Dave said. :)
"simple socks: plain and fancy" is a great book that will explain the math of sock knitting, plus how to make alterations for different sized feet.

Good luck - can't wait to see how it comes out!

Susan said...

Oh Jessica, thanks for that! I'm hoping to go to my somewhat LYS Friday and I'll see if they have it. If not, Amazon or BN will surely be happy to send it to me!

I'm thinking socks could be a bit addictive :-)