Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, that's what the plant looks like today..err yesterday. I had to take some stuff out to the office and snapped this as it showed off it's new self. The "pod" started splitting Friday, but to be perfectly honest it was rather Xrated in appearance. Oh, and when the hard shell fell off, we discovered that it appears the writing/pic was maybe branded? The side that had the letters on it was actually perforated and you could see light through them. Well, ok Jackie could see them...I had to get out the magnifying glass.

Storm last night was just wind and rain by the time it got here. That seems to be the way it happens; if I'm ready to run to the basement, I don't have to. Works for me. Here's what I was taking with me. Oh yeah and a flashlight too.

Blogger is being very slow today about loading pictures, so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that all I lack on the second sock is the toe and hopefully that will happen today sometime. Well, good grief...blogger just at the picture of my go bag and the goodies that were in it. I give up. Perhaps this means I need to be doing something besides playing here.


Susan said... now the pic shows up. I have no idea how to edit the post so there ya go

Anonymous said...

Nice pile of stuff to hide out with. No snacks or beverages? Love your felted bag on the lower left of the photo.

Susan said...

I swear I posted here but don't seem to see it now. Thanks for the compliment on the bag. I am quite fascinated with felting and someday the red/blue project will be a large felted bag...maybe a project bag.

There was a bottle of water and a fruit bar but I ate the bar while I was taking the pic. :-)

Anonymous said...

ROFL I know this is an old post. I was trying to read more of your blog to get to know you. Hubby and I are laughing about you eating the bar. We also laughed that there was no water or food in the pile.

You definitely have your priorities right in my book.