Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Weekend Over

And a most welcome weekend it was although not as I had planned.

Friday morning was busy at work, lots of stuff on my desk needing my attention but in the back of my brain, I was planning on playing in the City. I really, really wanted to go to my LYS. Not that I really needed yarn...I just really needed to see yarn, and touch yarn, and sniff yarn. I had already done most of the weekend tasks, laundry was in process and it was supposed to be really nice weather. So a smile was on my face as I systematically tackled the pile of paper stacked to my right. I had just completed one phase. and thought with any luck the rest of it would be done by 5. But then...

I was taking a mental break and trying to figure out what I would have for lunch when I felt that old scary feeling. The feeling of someone creeping up on little cat feet to smash my chest. I did the deep breathing, the relaxation and that big something kept coming. Quietly I got the nitro out of my bag. One squirt under my tongue, wait 5 minutes. Second squirt, wait 5 minutes..this isn't working. OK, the 3rd and last squirt will do it. Nope..instead it just increased.

So, instead of heading over to the cafeteria for the daily special, I found myself being wheeled through the back door and into the ER. Happily, oxygen helped relieve the pain. And equally happily, they decided I hadn't had a heart attack. We, my friends and coworkers and the PA decided perhaps it was unstable angina. Lab was obtained, xrays were taken, and an echocardiogram was obtained. And then finally at 3 pm..I got some lunch! Yay. And got to come home early from work.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent gazing at my navel. Not really. I was tired..but not like the other week, so knitting continued on my tunic. I even attachted the handwarmer flap. It was making me crazy just hanging there. And I read, and studied the chicken pattern that came in the mail. And looked through stash to see what I might use to make her. (of course, it's a girl's not a rooster) I haven't started her far I'm just having fun thinking about her.

And I was kind of "chicken" (heh)to drive into the City...a number of highway miles with nothing around me in case I was in trouble. So I yarn surfed and decided I really need some Socks That Rock yarn. I've never had any, have you? And, if so, do you like it?

Probably though, I'll order some of Regia Fasset's Mirage My first socks knitted with sock yarn that wasn't Kool Aid dyed was Regia and they are still holding up well unlike others that have bit the dust..or rather, blown out their heels.

But, there is a new addition to my little family. Yesterday I went to the local feed/seed, grain/garden/paint/gift store. Locally owned and tons of stuff to browse. All I went for were 9V batteries for the smoke detector but I came home with this little guy to add to my collection. He's the one with the stripes. I've never had a blue duck before. So welcome Mr. Stripey.

Today, it's work (maybe someone did all the stuff in my stack and I can start out clean) and a call to my cardiologist who still has not called my PCP back. I'm tired of this for sure. And more knitting, I'm sure!

What's up with you?


Missy said...

Susan, that is so scary! I'm glad you are ok!

Sara said...

Susan! You know I started to call you last night - something told me to...and I didn't pay attention to that little nudge. Next time I will.

Glad it was not a heart attack! I don't even want to hear those words.

Take care - and I'm thinking of you - still at home regrouping from the pneumonia.

KatyaR said...

Hope you'll be feeling better soon--take it easy!

Devorah said...

Oh! You HAVE to take care of yourself!!! HUGS!!!

Sheri said...

Ok,stranger, none of that! Scared me to death when I started reading your blog. Please let me know what they say, when your cardiologist calls your Dr. Wow! Bet you were scared. Oh, and I'm sure that's why Zoey is now taking naps with you. Dogs sense that stuff.

Stay healthy and keep me posted. I'll keep sending good vibes your way! Hugs!!

Sheri in GA

Anonymous said...

OMG hon!!!! How very, very scary. Please, please keep me informed. OMG

{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} and lots of Love!!!