Sunday, March 01, 2009


What is it about the weekend? Since I was home most of last week, it wasn't like I was looking forward to not going to work. But somehow, when I woke up Saturday morning there was that feeling. The two whole days to do something besides work on Medicare stuff. I wonder when people retire do they still look forward to weekends? Is it some sort of interior clock? When I first started being a nurse, I only got every other weekend off..or was it every 3rd? Dang brain. But that was a long time ago and this weekend off stuff has been going on for a lot of years.

Today I painted the house. Well, not the actual house although it definitely needs it. Nope, instead I spent a lot of time happily entertained painting a little birdhouse that I found at Dollar Tree. I just wanted something that was bright and happy. And then rummaged around through miscellaneous craft stuff to find a new inhabitant. I think it would be fun to have a house painted like this.

And apropos of nothing, there's been a change in status around here. Now for awhile, if I came home unexpectedly, I'd often find Zoey asleep on the loveseat. Poor dear is pretty deaf, so unless I touched her rather firmly, she usually didn't even know I was here. But she never ever ever got up there in the evening when I was home. Never even looked like she wanted to be up there. But this week all that changed. I woke up from a nap thinking about how nice and warm my feet were and then discovered that she was laying on them. For a few days, it only happened if I were asleep. Now, she just hops up there like that's where she's supposed to be.

A friend said "Awwww, she knows you don't feel well and she's taking care of you."

I'm thinking Zoey thought "oh hey, she doesn't feel good...she won't notice..and by the time she does she'll think I'm taking care of her. Heh"

And doesn't that stitch holder look like an hair curler?


Sara said...

What is this with everyone being sick this week. Always right before spring...guess it happens so that we are so glad to see spring.

Awwww...poor Zoey...You gotta let her stay on the love seat...She loves you.

Devorah said...

Aww! Are you feeling any better?

jessie said...

Even when I was at home with my daughter, the weekends felt much different than the weekdays. It's the time when you can officially give yourself permission to relax.

I still get the Sunday night back-to-school low feeling even though I've been out of school for 20 years almost. What's that about?