Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh, a question

My secret dye pals yarn was nicely wrapped into a ball on a ball winder. So I have the center pull end and the outside end. If I am doing two socks at once, can I start one on the center and one on the outside or will this become a tangly mess? I really want to avoid second sock syndrome. I've avoided it so far but I must admit that I would really like to finish both at once.

Hope someone can answer this.


Anonymous said...

It gets a bit tangled when you knit from both ends of one skein.

I would wind a second ball and use the two balls seperately.

Ann said...

I had been doing this with two balls in the past..but Dave told me that he pulled one from the outside and one from the inside, so I gave it a try.

What I found is that you start to tangle a bit, but they you also start to turn the needles the way they need to go. I am finding it much easier to use one ball. Check out the pair of socks I am doing now using that method, I just posted a picture tonight.


Susan said...

Hmmm...lots of experiments coming up. Your socks are great! Are you using Addis??? Funny thing..I've been playing with some stuff this morning using Sz 9 Addis and two strands of skinny stuff. Really, really easy knitting but it's making my right arm ache. Weird. And gosh did they ever feel huge after using the little DPNs. And they were just size 2..if they'd been the really teensy ones I would be in real trouble now LOL

Susan said...

I think I'll try both ways with some yarn that I kept so I don't wear out the secret pal yarn. I've been known to accidentally use the tail of the yarn instead of the working yarn so maybe this will work best. We shall see. Thanks for the tip.

Mia said...

Just as a reminder, if you're going to split the ball into two.. make sure and weight the original ball, then check once in a while as you're winding the ball and when it gets to half the weight, you'll have two even size balls.

Sorry if you already knew this, but I learned the hard way to make sure to split them evenly *grin*

Susan said...

Oh Mia...thanks a lot! I didn't know that and thought I'd just have to hope that I "eyeballed" it correctly. You've probably saved me some grief!