Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So I get home from work and discover that I have an eMail from the CC re the soap class. It advises me that I will receive my refund as quickly as possible...maybe 2 weeks. Shesh. Ok, so maybe in 2 weeks I'll be really needing that money and will be happy that it just arrived. But in the meantime... Oh, and she also hoped I would select one of the other courses they were offering. Uh huh.

Last night while doing some other stuff around here, I suddenly had an epiphany. I wanted some comfort knitting and what I wanted was SOCKS. I cannot believe that now in my mind that's such a wonderful thing considering all the trauma of learning *G*. So, I got out my huge (not) stash but only ended up fondling and gazing at them. I want short summer socks so probably will use some of my leftover Dye trade stuff. I plan on using the yarn I got from my pal for longer fall socks as I have stuff that will go well with them. Decisions, decisions.

My head has been really *swimmy* since yesterday afternoon. Bugs me. I'm hoping it's sinus stuff or something. But it makes me nervous since the prequel and sequel to my little strokes were what I termed *head rushes*. I tried to explain them to my PCP but apparently she never did recreational drugs when younger, or had orgasms LOL. The cardiologist just laughed hysterically and for him that's quite a stretch! Maybe he was just remembering.

Tub time now...see yas!


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with those people? o.O

You'll love shortie socks. I knit up a pair and love wandering around in them.

I hope you're feeling better.

Ann said...

Good grief will you please take care of yourself????

A new pair of socks on the needles is my reward for knitting 6 hats..I have so much sock yarn..and so many patterns to try.


~France said...

O susan! I hope this IS just sinuses, since you've been soooo good with your diet! Please don't be sick darlin' Love yas (((((Murph)))))