Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I dreamed of yarn last night. I have no idea where it came from, or what kind of yarn it was..in my dream I just held it. It was beige, and cream and tan and Nestle's Quik brown and all shades in between. A varigated not striping (I have no idea how I knew this LOL) and it was absolutely gorgeous. So this morning when I read Dave's new post I thot OMG I was channeling Dave LOL..except mine had no green. Actually it was totally different, but still. I have NO idea how one would dye such loveliness, but maybe I'll be surfing dyer's sites some day and see it. And with luck, I'll have $$ and be the first at their store *G*

I also dreamed embroidered tea towels with dancing silverware and smiling dishes and grinning apples. Now that I could do. I wonder if they still make flour sacks?

All in all, a quite pleasant way to spend the night.


Anonymous said...

OMG! You WERE channeling ME! Oh, no...you don't know about that time with the shrimp scampi dinner....? Uh oh!
[think empty thoughts think empty thoughts think empty thoughts]

Anonymous said...

I wish I could dream about yarn. So much better than just sleeping with a sock under you. *L*

Ann said...

Holy Crap channeling DAVE??? that's scary stuff...

But the amazing things you could do if you did.

I'm just sayin' he's superman.