Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spirit Sticks and stuff

Lots of creativity here last night but none of it was mine except for some of the supplies. The Girl is going to softball camp here in town this week. I got home to an eMail that included live links to our favorite pitcher and a request that I call. (Sheesh I was much older than almost 12 when I first made a live link).

She asked if she could come down and work on an art project. She's making a spirit stick for camp. Apparently she is to keep it in her ball bag and if things aren't going well at a game, she is to touch it for encouragement or whatever. I know nothing about spirit sticks so I figure this could be quite interesting and it was more than I imagined.

For years, she would arrive and then say "What should I do?" but she continues to grow into her ownself and this time all she really needed was some supplies and company while she created. She already had much of it done. Somewhat decopaged (sp?) printed out pics of her heros. Numerous colors of paint and a ton of ideas. So I happily supplied paint pens and sponges and butter lids for palettes. And watched. And gloried in the independent and creative person that continues to evolve.

While things dried we Googled all sorts of things from quotations and softball blogs to the latest things available at Build A Bear. And talked about everything under the sun. She complimented me on completing the socks (See, Susu, you CAN do this). Discussed what we would do if we found a dead body even (call 911 LOL).

And I've been vindicated. Several years ago we were making Christmas cards which required a lot of red glitter. I supplied a box lid for catching the excess glitter after which we would use a funnel and pour it back in the bottle. Unfortunately when it was time, the box lid sorta flipped and I dumped the glitter all over the floor which just cracked her up! Here the "adult" made the worst mess and she has brought it up frequently ever since. Well, last night along with all the other stuff she brought, was a large container of red glitter. And, she discovered when getting the supplies out of her backpack, that the lid wasn't on tight and it was allll over the place!

As she was leaving last night, after a hug and kiss and I love you, she said "And Susu, let's not ever mention glitter spills again" Heh.


~France said...

Sounds like Taylor is doing really good with her softball, eh? Cool idea on the spirit stick! I'm gonna google it! LOL

Susan said...

She surely seems to enjoy it. We went to see the last game last night on the spur of the moment. Way fun watching both the game and the fans! I gotta say those Northwestern folks were sure supportive. I enjoyed them a lot. Kinda hoped they would win since it was their first trip, but also kind of glad that I got to see the deciding game!