Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hopefully without underlining!

erm...that was a bit weird.

OK...I need to bitch a wee bit. Remember when I signed up for the soap class. Friday I discovered that my check had never cleared so I called the college and, of course, got voice mail. (I mean it's Friday...why would anyone answer the dang phone?) However, yesterday morning I got a call back. She explained that they never ever deposited the checks until they were sure the class *made*. But all looked like it would be a go.
Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. Phone call again (which interrupted my filing, oh dang *G*) She explained that the class had been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the instructor. Hello? Did she forget to put it on her calendar and scheduled a play date? OK...I decided that was mean and probably something unforseen but unavoidable had happened. I could either come by and pick up my check or they would mail it back to me. That decided, I got back to the filing.
Phone call for Susan...ummm it seems they *did* deposit the check. And they would fax me paperwork to fill out so that they could cut me a check. THREE papers to fill out. Faxed them back. We shall see. But I am sooo disappointed! I was really looking forward to this.
Still in my "oh this week I will learn how to do something new" I decided that I would teach myself to knit backwards. I had seen it mentioned on one of the intarsia tuts so Googled it, downloaded and printed and spent part of the evening doing totally awkward movements but did finally get somewhat comfortable with it. Mostly awkward because I knit Continental style and am not used to throwing the yarn.
What will I do with this new talent? Dunno LOL. It's supposed to be quite handy when knitting bobbles. Ummm I guess now I have to Google bobbles!
Now back to your regularly scheduled day!


Anonymous said...

That sucks! Sounds like a poorly run group of people.

You never know when a skill will come in handy. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Like Cookie says, you NEVER know when a new skill will come in handy. Bummer about the soap class. I've been wanting to do that myself for a few years now. I won't attempt that without a class first, though.

Ann said...

OMG..there's something that Dave doesn't know how to do???? Thunk...


I love you Dave...

You are much braver than I am...I think I just knit without thinking, change it up and make it backwards..I bet I would be seriously in trouble. Good for you!


Susan said...

LOL Ann, I thought the same thing! Being the Renassanse...oh hell I can't spell it...Man he is I thought sure he knew everything. And I love ya too Dave!

Knitting backwards is basically purling without turning it around. What you end up with is stockinette. I still haven't quite figured out the bobble thing! But ya never know!


Susan said...

Me either, Dave! I don't mind messing with Kool Aid in a WTF mode but lye??? I think not. Back to melt and pour *G*...it's all about what you put in it, right?


Susan said...


LOL I agree with you on the poorly run bunch. I really don't remember them offering such courses before so maybe the learning curve on their end is skewed.