Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poky Me and Earworms

Oh jeez, the plan was that I would get up a bit early; be at the laundry when it opened at 7:30; do the washing of towels and sheets; drop them off at home for drying later and head to the City.

Well the first part happened. I got up at 5...but that's as much of the plan that took place. Got lost in the internet for a long time. Took way too long in the tub and just can't seem to get going.

And thanks to that I got to hear the Today Show's segment on earworms. My brain is way confused rotates from *I want my baby back baby back ribs* and *We will, we will rock you!* LOL at least I'm not mind singing *a wimba way, a wimba way, a wimba way*


~France said...

Bummer ya got grounded again! Hope things get better for ya real soon!

When my mom would get a song in her head, I would tell her how to fix it! Then I would start singing "It's a small world aaafteraaaall. it's a small world aaafterall ... it's a small, small, world!!"

Did that fix it?! LOL [she wanted to bean me too!!] :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, it COULD be worse. It could be that darned My baloney has a first name. It's O-S-C-A-R..and my baloney has a second name, it M-A-Y-E-.....
*sigh* I hate ear worms.

Ann said...

Thanks guys for sending my brain into overload as I sang along to all of the song lyrics posted...



Susan said...

Gee thanks a lot for that song. My brain staged a revolt and spent the day singing *War, good God y'all what is it good for..*
And, I wasn't grounded...just in first gear a bit longer than I planned but all got accomplished. *G*

Susan said...

Don't ya just know that whoever penned that song made a million!
What a trip for a jingle writer!

Susan said...

Well I guess it's better than arriving at work singing *take this job and shove it*