Thursday, June 22, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Oklahoma City?!?!?

the Yarn Harlot, that's who! In July! And finally they have all the info up. She'll be doing her "talk" at "the local library" (I have no idea where that's at but will find out) and then sign books at the LYS Gourmet Yarn. Now that I can find! I am sooo excited. She doesn't know me from Adam, or Eve or anyone. But her first book was the first book I ever had about knitting and have loved them all. And the latest one is like a little knitting bible, at least in my eyes. Woo hoo!

And another good thing happened today. I saw on a photo on a blog that I just loved. A picture of an old chair with flowers on it. For some reason, it just said "Peace" to me and I would go to her site just to look at it again. So today I emailed her to see if it would be ok if I took it and printed it out so I could put it up on my wall. And she said Yes! I'm really happy about it. I know I could have just taken it, but I would have felt bad. I'm really quite grateful.

So this evening I printed it out, and painted an old (not antique...just old wood thing) and now it's up on my bedroom wall.

And as for whatever it was I was going to talk about this morning...well of course, I forgot it all. My mom would have said it was because it was all lies LOL.

And now for a bit of knitting...well as soon as I get my painting mess cleaned up.

Nite y'all. Sleep well and wake up to a magical tomorrow.

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