Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It All Works Out in the End

Hey, remember when I was bitchin' about waiting for the refund from the cancelled soap class? Well, last week a good friend got hurt rather badly and on Friday I drove her to the doc. He said that she needed this big boot thing to immobilize her foot, and called the pharmacy to bring one over. She give him her insurance card and after we left the doc's office we went over so she could sign the ticket. Alas, she hasn't met her deductible so she was responsible for paying for it THEN .
And she didn't have that much money. I checked my checkbook and I had barely that much but she needed it so I wrote the check and will get my money back on Friday. No biggie, I didn't need anything from the store 'cept milk and I had some cash in my bag. Then I remembered, oh shit I have to go to the City tomorrow and would really like to have lunch before I head home. I thought maybe that when I get through counting out quarters for the Parkway I'd have enough for at least McD's. But, shazamm....the check from the soap class arrived yesterday!!!! Woohoo. See what goes around comes around *G*.

Ann, where is that place that you get the pecan chicken? That sounded so good when I read about it. Ummmm food!

Knitting wise, the 2nd sock has it's gussets done so now both are ready for mindless knitting. Just the thing to entertain myself in the doctor's office.

I think I need to start something else just so I'll have something to show off on here.


Laura said...

Sock pictures??? ;) Puh-leeeze! I'm assuming they're the dreamcicle socks. If so, I suppose I don't really NEED to see a picture. It'll just make me hungry for a real Dreamcicle.

Every time I get to fretting about money, usually after a huge yarn purchase, I'll find it on the ground right after. Kind of a sign to give the worry a rest. Sometimes it's a penny, sometimes a dollar, but at any amount, it's pretty cool.

~France said...

Pecan chicken?!?! Mmmmmmm ... bet that's tasty!

I had some honey walnut shrimp at this Mandarin restaurant that I thought rivaled [what I like a LOT! :o)] then tried it at another place closer to home and it was not so good! Hope you find the best!!

Anonymous said...

I think she gets that salad at Applebee's. I hope she does because everytime I see one of their ads, I think of her. *L*

Susan said...

I've spent the evening so far working on a budget and writing checks so you can bet I'll be looking for money on the ground so I CAN make a big yarn purchase *G*
There's a big yarn sale here in the state and dang it...I'm gonna have to pass. Bummer. Oh well, when it needs to happen I'm sure it will.

Susan said...

eating out for me is such fun..it doesn't matter whether it's McDs or someplace really good. So I'm quite excited!

Ann said...

That Cookie..she knows me too well, yes, it is Applebee's:

Pecan-crusted chicken, mandarin oranges, sweet glazed pecans, celery, dried cranberries and bleu cheese crumbles - all tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and served on a bed of romaine lettuce.

But Cat said that her Applebee's doesn't have this salad..so I'm not sure if they all have it or not.

The money thing...Karma..yep, you do something nice, something nice happens to you in return.


You are incredibly nice you know.


Susan said...

Cookie, I think you're right. I'll certainly check it out. I think there is one close to the doc's. yummmm! Hope it wasn't one of those deals *for a limited time only*

Susan said...


I went to the Applebee's site and checked the menu here...no pecan crusted chicken. Ohhhhh booohooo. I need to move!

I'm really glad you think I'm incredibly nice...but then you haven't known me very long *G*

~France said...

HA! I've known you quite some time, and I think Ann knows what she's talkin'bout!! heh heh :o)