Monday, June 05, 2006

S is for

Sunday, socks, sewing (or getting ready to) , simple knitting, and summer reading. For reasons I don't need to go into, it was necessary for me to be around and with my phone line free for part of yesterday and last night. So, plans to go to Hancock's for fabric was squashed...but that's ok, the sale doesn't start until this week LOL. And blog reading/posting was curtailed. :-(

The socks are done and I am sooo happy! I found a really understandable link for the Kitchener
and I was quite pleased with the results and proud too. The socks are so comfy but I think the next ones I will knit the tops with the #2 dpns but go down a size for the foot. It could be snugger. I like the way the tops are because tight tops make my leg swell a bit.

I spent part of the afternoon standing nekkid in front of a full length mirror (very scary!) with a tape measure and a sharpie. I recently read an article about how to make patterns actually fit and I am determined to come up with a shorts/pants pattern that really and truly fit. I can't afford 501s anymore and they aren't appropriate for work anyway so something needs to happen. I have all the measurements now and spent some time doing math stuff ewww. I need some plain interfacing to put this hopefully adjusted pattern on and then we shall see.

Delving into fabric stash, I cut out pieces for a pillow and covered the buttons. I do hate "cutting out" but it's hard to create anything without it LOL

For simple knitting, I found some soft cotton yarn in the closet. It's kind of skinny so I used two colors and started a simple "warshcloth". I love this pattern cause I can practically do it with my eyes closed. I can't remember what kind of yarn it is, (or what I got it for) but I do remember where I got it so will have to go back and get more.

For summer reading, I tend toward old well-loved books. Quick reading since some of them I could practically recite. Today I read Little House on the Prairie, Secret of the Leaning Chimney (gotta love George!) and started Freckles. I need a copy of Girl of the Limberlost and I wish I could find Betsy-Tacy at the library. At one time they sold them all at a book sale but they are being republished so maybe I'll have to get my own copies.

Lying across the bed reading, with dirty feet...I'd been messing around outside.. fan blowing on me with it's white noise hum, I was transported to lazy summer days of my youth. Lying on my stomach in the living room with the swamp cooler blowing on me and the curtains drawn to keep out the hot sun, I could be transported most anywhere. All I needed to do before the trip was to ride my green Schwinn to the library. And then inspired by what I'd read, go find my friends and on our bikes go make our own adventures.


zeusstrik said...

got your package, and I love it!! Thanks for the yarn and all the goddies!! I haven't started kniting socks yet, because I'm enjoying the box and it's lovelynesses just a little more, before I spred them around. The little bee-thing in my back, the socks on my needles, the magnet on my fridge and so on.. but I'll be coming on to that soon, cause it's always exiting to se how the yarn knits up, and I want to be able to see the colors up close... Thanks again, you did a real good job!!!

Susan said...

Woohoo it made it's way safely across the ocean! Ohhh I am so glad it arrived safely and that you like it. I like knitting with that yarn. It's very easy for me to use and I'm not the most skillful knitter in the world. I visited your blog today before I read your comment. Did you color the yarn in the little pictures at top? It's lovely! Someone is going to be very lucky if that's what you are sending your pal!

Ann said...

Are you crazy???? One should never use the words Nekkid, Measure and Mirror in the same sentence...You are so very brave.

I have a feeling that will be in my future too. I am going to start that darn sweater so I need to do some measuring and swatching and gauging. The measuring part is not tops on my list...

Good for you!


Ann said...

One more thing..what's a swamp cooler?

Susan said...

Hi Ann!

I have to admit that I sort of had to divorce myself from the fact that it was MY body and think of it as a scientific experiment! LOL. I tend to think of myself as still young and trim and it's sooo not me anymore.

Whoa...a sweater! Now that's what I call scary! I've thought about it but can't quite get up the most of the patterns I see are for really short, really fitted garments and that would definitely not work on this body. Heh, as long as it takes me to knit a pair of socks, I'd probably be too old to dress myself when I got it done!


Susan said...

Swamp cooler is a slang term for a water cooler. The air passes through water and then blows into the room. Probably would work well in a dry climate but not so efficient in humid Oklahoma heat. Plus everything felt a wee bit damp. We even had a small one in the kitchen that was turned on when cooking. That one was portable and filled with pitchers of water. One of my childhood chores was filling it, preferably without spilling the water on the floor LOL. Refrigerated air conditioners had been invented but I'm thinking probably these beasts were more affordable for my newly widowed mom. Coming from Ohio, the Oklahoma heat was quite a shock. I can remember businesses (movie theaters and cafes and such) that used the fact that they were air conditioned as an advertisement. Big signs that said something like "It's KOOOOOOL inside" usually written in big white letters that looked as if they had icicles hanging from them.