Thursday, June 15, 2006

Feelin' Better

No more swimmy head! Hooray! Arm and leg a bit wonky and will try to see the doc today. No knitting last night. Spent most of it watching "So You Think You Can Dance" I do love dance! I liked the first couple (Mormon(?)boy) and the next to the last couple that danced to the Pointer Sisters. After it was over, I had to dig out old Pointer Sisters tapes and Manhattan Transfer cds and sing my way to bed

One of the cats kicked the alarm clock off the table sometime in the night so I woke up much later than usual. He (I KNOW who does it) must have thought I needed some extra zzzzs. It was nice. Would be nicer if it was Saturday :-)


~France said...

Arm and leg a bit wonky?!?! Hope you got to see the Dr like you said, and get some meds or whatever will make ya feel 100% again (((((Susan)))))

I like that show too! Missed it last night tho, darn it!!

Ann said...

I love So You Think You Can Dance. I like it when they start moving into the couples part and the dancers really have to stretch themselves. I missed the Thursday night show I was out carousing with my daughters. I am sure I will get caught up again next week.

Take care of yourself ok?