Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wildlife Update

This is probably cheating. The following wildlife report is copied/pasted from an email. I just couldn't bear typing it all again! They are getting longer legged now and their faces are losing some of their roundness and being more pointy. Last night we came out from work, me and my two coworkers and as we turned the corner there they sat. Even the 3rd one (firt time I've seen it) It's smaller and more timid but those other two. God, I just want to touch them so bad. But I know that what needs to be done is to make them more afraid. But they aren't and really haven't ever been. Perhaps watchful, but ever so curious about this old woman and her friends. So there we are walking slowly and I'm saying "Get your butt back down that hole!" Don't you just sit there and look at me! Go on, get outta here!" in my most no nonsense voice. And they look at each other and I swear they just shrugged. Finally I sorta stomped my foot..pointed my finger and said NOW! and they hopped down into the tunnels under the sidewalk. And as we went by and then stepped into the parking lot I turned and saw a head pop up. Silly goofs! Their mama was very watchful across the street on the golf course. For years this area was just sort of a wild part of the park and the grass would grow tall so they had good cover. I really hated it when they decided it needed to be a golf course. I'm wondering where Dad is.

And if that wasn't enough wildlife news...this morning the dog was outside barking, barking and looking through the board fence into the driveway. I figured a cat was out there teasing her. But when I looked, it was a possum! I ran back in for my camera but when I got back all I saw was the end of it's tail as it went into the garage! Holy moly..pretty soon I'll prolly have possum babies! My garage is a freestanding frame structure with barn type doors. It's too little for my car now so I rarely go in there. But when I still had my Honda, I could carefully park it inside. For some reason the concrete driveway is really really wide, but stops about halfway to the garage. So repeated driving sorta made ruts so the bottom of the doors are somewhat straight but the ground underneath has concave areas from the tires. Just enough room for a possum to squeeze through. I really don't want a possum as my neighbor but it sure beats having a skunk.

There has been some knitting going on. Nothing really exciting. I guess you could term it a large swatch. I have this idea for a felted bag and I needed to see if the colors would fade onto the white. I felted for a bit this morning before work, but had to leave before it was right and tonight I have to do real laundry so I can dry it in the morning at the laundry before work. Something to look forward to on the weekend!

Lots of ideas running around in my head. I need to make a list before I forget half of them. Oh and hey! Only one more day till the weekend! Yay!


Devorah said...

Wow! I'm surprised that momma isn't being stricter with her babes. But isn't it so cool for you!

Sara said...

How lucky that you get to see them...

Quiet week-end coming up!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe was I the original emailer as I seem to remember reading something similiar ;-)
Oh I know what you mean about making lists. I've started doing that, I even have one going on my computer.