Monday, February 08, 2010

Black and White

I awakened to new snow this morning. Not heavy, scary stuff like my mid-Atlantic friends have been dealing with. No, this was big, fat, fluffy flakes. I was really taken by the starkness of the day.

This one is my favorite. I love how the crispness of the black and white is broken by the red street sign at the bottom.


Cookie said...


I hope you're staying warm over there!

Sheri said...

Beautiful pictures. I moved to the Southeast almost 20 years ago and I still envy the people that have snow. It's like a good vacuuming, everything dirty is clean again. :o) Thanks for sharing. You should frame them.

Sara said...


Those are the coolest photos! Very stunning. I think you should enlarge the one with the stop sign and frame it!!!

Thank you sweetie for the birthday card...

Love ya...

Unknown said...

Great pictures, Susan! Isn't (well-behaved) snow nice?