Monday, February 01, 2010

Whoa! 2 Days in a Row???

Apparently being here yesterday, inspired me to entertain (?) you with more stories about life here on the snowy prairie. So right after I got up I started thinking of things I could share with you.

But then..a crisis. Got some coffee; blew my nose; threw the kleenex in the stool; flushed it and uhhhhhhhhhhhh nada. Plunging action just got my houseshoes wet..thank goodness all that was in there was a kleenex! Think, think. Drink more coffee and think some more. This is a real deal because there is only one bathroom here. But then, 2 ah-has! in a row! First, bring up the tornado potty. Which is a 5 gallon bucket with a plastic liner and partially filled with shredded paper. Because if the storm is so bad that I have to go to the basement, I can dang well promise that I'm going to have to pee as soon as I get under the stairs. And then the 2nd aha! Occasionally I put root killer down the commode and there is still something left. I figure if it can kill roots, it can surely eat up a kleenex and whatever. AND it worked! Oh hooray. However, the tornado potty will stay in the utility room closet until I'm for sure.

So then, filled with confidence, I decided that I really, really need to get my vehicle de-iced. The bread supply is zip (and sloppy joe on a stale English muffin is pretty yucky) and the milk is getting low. So, I worked on that for awhile without a whole lot of success and came in to get warm. Dang it...I need to go to the store!

While warming up, I decided to take a pic of the amarylis I got for Christmas. It's getting ready to bloom!! The bud is just opening and my thought was that I could do a series of flower opening shots. the stalk is now 22 inches tall and I've been rotating it a 1/4 turn every day to keep it as str8 as possible. But um, when I turned on the camera I got a message that said "This card cannot be used" Uh what? Why? Yesterday I had some trouble getting the card reader to read it so maybe the contacts are screwed. But..just think, if I'd got the car uncovered and went to the store and THEN found out I needed a new card I would have been very unhappy!

So, I'll keep working on the car in the hopes that I can travel to the big box store and pick up milk, bread and a camera card! Wish me luck


Suzy said...

So did you actually try the english muffin with Sloppy Joe on it??? hmmm???

Sheri said...

I miss the snow and the cold, but after reading that, I guess there are advantages to living in the sunny south! Hope you thaw out soon.
Sheri in GA