Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Time!

For the Great State Fair of Oklahoma! It's the Centennial celebration and I went on opening day. I usually go on the Sr. Day (which is next Wednesday) so I can get in free, but my boss will be off this coming week. However, for opening day they had a special admission price of "100 pennies for 100 years" Hey, I can afford a dollar!

I just had the best time. Ate lots and lots of fair food. Saw cows and goats and chickens and people. Heard squealing pigs and squealing children...and squealing young at heart on the rides. It was just warm enough, and just cool enough and just breezy enough. As the baby bear said, "It was just right"

Every year I hear folks say "It wasn't as good this year" "Or it's getting smaller". Perhaps I am not perceptive enough, but to me it's always big and bright and huge and colorful and ever so much fun. Or perhaps as they get older their fascination fades. Thankfully mine is just as much there as it was when I attended for the first time in 1957. That year for the sesquicentennial, the theme was Arrows To Atoms. And I remember wondering if I would be around for this year. But probably if I was I would be too old to go. LOL. My thinking has changed.

It was wonderful discovering that my friend Susan's Centennial Quilt had been awarded a blue ribbon. She designed it and even included a picture of the "home place" I was absolutely smitten with the fabric used in the letter K. It was wheat!

I didn't stay as long this year as I was to get together with a group of fiber friends in the evening and I thought it would be good to get home in time to clean up a bit. And to be able to enjoy a bit of my souvenir. ohhhhhh the sugar!


Sheri said...

Glad to hear you're still around and enjoying the State Fair! The basket of sugar looks very yummy. Glad you had a good time.
Haven't blogged much myself lately, just knitting away and on the same 2 projects so it gets a little dull writing about the same stuff. Not sure how some do it every day.
Happy Fall!
Sheri in GA (who happened to be born the same year you attended the fair for the first time.;o)

Sara said...

Hey, girl. Oh, I love to go to the fair...just to eat my way through! I never eat some of those things unless I'm at the fair!!! And, love the exhibits! - and seeing the quilted and knit things...

Glad you had such a good time!

Devorah said...

What fun! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Susan said...

Mornin' Sheri! And a happy fall to you too! Yep, I'm still here. All of a sudden I realized I had nothing to say worth reading. But now I guess I don't care *G*.

Oh Sara, it's probably a good thing we don't live closer. *G* I know a few folks who would just NEVER eat fair food. But then to balance it out, I know a couple who go to the fair every evening for dinner because there's no way you could sample all of it in just a couple of trips :-)

Devorah, me too! I look forward to the fair all year. It's genetic. So did my mama! :-)