Saturday, September 22, 2007

Zoom, zoom, zoooooom

Did you see that flash of light? That was me flying in here on my new cable modem!!
However, it involved me it got really complicated.

The installer was scheduled to be here between 1-4 yesterday afternoon. We are incredibly busy at work so I worked until the very last moment and zoomed home. The guy was here just shortly after that and told me that it would probably take maybe 30 minutes. He left at 5 pm. And I had no internet. TV was iffy but it got better once he drove away (??). Prior to that, every so often it would just lose signal for 10=15 seconds.

He had used 3 different modems; replaced all the cable in my house; replaced all the splitters and finally replaced the line from the pole to the house! And talked to various and sundry supervisor type people on his Bluetooth. Finally he said that his supervisor was going to come. Someone named Dan.

No internet but the tv was working which was a very good thing since OU was playing football and it was televised and I would have been seriously unhappy if I'd been unable to watch. So I made a quick sandwich so that supper would be over before 'Dan' arrived.

Except Dan didn't arrive. And didn't arrive. And didn't arrive. And finally it was dark. I though perhaps I'd misunderstood and that he would arrive on Saturday. But then I picked up the phone to call a friend....and I had no phone either. So cell phone in hand I went outside and watched a spider and chatted with some nice person at the service center who thought maybe she could reboot it. Nope.

So it was decided that someone would come today between 10:00 and noon. And while the clock was chiming a new guy arrived. He just left. It seems he had to re-do everything the first guy did. But it's all functional and I am a zoomy girl.

All's well that ends well. And there were benefits. I got all the laundry done yesterday including the ironing. I was at the grocery at 8AM and everything is put away and the rest of the day may just be play. Now I am going to go take a picture so I can see how fast it uploads.

And slowly but surely I'll replace all the bookmarks. And get used to using IE at home. I kinda miss my Firefox.


Sara said...

Hey, Susan...I fought tooth and toenail not to get dsl internet from the phone company - then when I realized how fast it was - I was hooked.

When I moved the first thing I did was get high speed internet from my cable company!!!

Sara said...

P.S. Welcome to the advanced age of technology - we can help each other through it...

Anonymous said...

I've had cable since 2000 and I don't recall all the details but you can use Firefox on Cox. I have for years. Also you can use IE and not use the "canned" IE that Cox has personalized. (If they still do I didn't like it but that is me.)

Devorah said...

You should be able to use firefox no matter who your provider is. Try downloading it and see if it will work.

Good luck! And happy zooming!

Sheri said...

I use Firefox and I have the DSL thru my phone company. IE is a pain and I love firefox.
Glad you're up and running faster.
Sheri in GA

KatyaR said...

Congratulations! And yes, you should be able to use Firefox. I keep thinking I should switch over.

~France said...

Not only can you use Firefox, you can have/add an IE tab so that in case wherever you go doesn't like Firefox, you can open it in a new window of IE!

Congrats on your new speed (((friend)))

Ann said...

Congratulations, you are going to be even more out of control now!

Susan said...

F..are you going to come out and set all this up for me?? LOL

Hey Ann! Me? Out of control? Surely you jest!

Cookie said...

I hope you've got your fx back by now. Be careful about all that zooming around. ;^)

Susan said...

Cookie, I've got it downloaded but that happened just before bedtime last night so I haven't done a thing with it. It still thinks it belongs to my old ip stuff.