Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things Should Go Faster

after tomorrow. I'm scheduled to step nervously into the 21st century. After a bazillion hours, I will finally get cable internet. And I won't have to schedule blog posts (well the photo part) for large blocks of time. Either that, or I will have a lot of extra time because it doesn't work at all *G*

In the meantime, while I scoop litter, make my bed and have a bath I will upload pictures that hopefully will result in new knowledge. Last winter, I bought an orchid at W*Mart. I asked questions at a real nursery, repotted it with the stuff they recommended and once the blooms fell off, just watered it and dusted the leaves. They told me that the woody stem would dry out and just break off. That didn't happen. They also didn't tell me about these shiny, gray things that are growing out from the base. Are these roots? I have a little bird that clips on the pot and one of them was getting a bit personal with that yellow thing...wrapping right around it.

The long stem turned really vibrant red/orange and now it's drying up.

But what to do? Does it need a bigger pot?? Is it planning a takeover?

The 'preview' of this pic that Blogger shows me is a bit weird. Actually it shows 2 of the same pic. But since after I click on the 'add' or 'post' all I get are lines of code, I have no idea what it will actually look like on the blog. If it's goofy, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Those are "air roots", and they are your friend. Do not fear them. And do not damage them if possible. The plant actually absorbs moisture and nourishment through them. That coloration at the end means it's growing. It looks REALLY healthy.
And I've said it to you before, faster internet is a GOOD thing.

Cookie said...

Listen to Dave. He's right as usual.

Yay for faster!

~France said...

WoooHooooo ... you gonna be fast baby!!

From the below post, sure seems like you had as much a blast as all the others you've attended, eh?

Susan said...

Oh thank you Dave! I was so scared something was going wrong. I've really tried to give it what it needs, but I'd not ever seen anything like this before. They feel really sturdy. I am wondering if I'll read more blogs or read the same amount faster. Can't wait!

Cookie, it's really rather dumb. Actually I'm going to have a lower combined bill (phone, cable and internet) than I have now for a year. And after that, it will go up by 10 whole dollars. I would have had it long ago but I couldn't afford it. Yay for lower prices. I guess I'd better not say might jinx the whole thing.

Devorah said...

Yea for faster! Glad Dave chirped in about the orchid 'cause I know squat about them.


Susan said...

F, yes...I'll be just flyin' through cyberspace*G*.

Devorah, I'm glad too. I really did try to google the answer but when you have no idea of what your talking about a good search is difficult.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your upgrade!

Sheri said...

Glad to read those little things popping out are a good thing. It does look really healthy. Might have to check my Walmart and then ask you how to make it look like that. I'm great at buying plants and then they die.
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Thanks Felicia! It surely is about time!

Sheri, I haven't seen any in awhile. I think this one was a Valentine's Day thing. I really don't do anything special to it. I repotted it in some orchid potting mix in a bit bigger pot (both of which came from Walmart). Oh and I dumped some aquarium gravel in a big plant saucer and it sits on that. The lady at the for-real plant place said to always use orchid fertilizer when I watered it and to keep it moist (the saucer and rocks helps there.) So as a decorative statement I have a milk carton of water/fertilizer sitting on the bottom shelf of the bookcase near it. And I seem to water when I think of it. The water runs right through the potting medium and into that saucer of rocks. It gets after noon sun and maybe someday I'll have another bloom! :-)TMI?

Laura said...

I'm glad Dave knows what those are! Those air roots look very odd.

Isn't a faster internet fun? I tend to hang out at the National Geographic site a lot, just to look at all the pictures. That, and at the various yarn store sites.