Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anyone Watch Deadliest Catch

last night??

Tai Chi was cancelled due to our instructor's son's graduation. So I came right home from work; made supper; ate and cleaned up. Changed clothes and settled down for a tv evening. NCIS first and then Deadliest Catch.

My back was kind of tight so I did some stretches and then some relaxation stuff and right in the midst of some meditation, I went to sleep. Missed both shows and woke up at 10 pm. Was up just long enough to wonder why I had dreamed of hogs dressed up like sheep. Oh, and had some water and washed my face and that was it until 5 AM. I guess I needed the sleep but I do wonder what happened to the boys.


Sara said...

My goodness - seems you missed the entire night, girl! I was out with my quilt guild - and never got home til 9ish - and watched the finals of Dancing with the Stars.

Anonymous said...

You must have needed that sleep. Send some this way ;-).

Oh I missed NCIS also sniff sniff.