Thursday, March 30, 2006

as the world turns..

it must be a bit off-kilter. Work was chaotic, phones ringing like crazy. lots of unexpected "challenges" So it was a relief to get back to my quiet home. I was amazed to find a bazillion emails in my mail box. It seems that two lists that I belong to are quite dramatic right now. I just love it when someone types "please don't take this as a personal attack but.." So I spent some cathartic deleting time. There were still a few minutes before Will and Grace came on so I thought I would check and make sure that the spam filter hadn't put something important in bulk mail. (Knitpicks is NOT spam) There was only one letter from someone/something called Poet's Passion. But um the subject was "Take Control of your Hair Loss" What the??? Do you do it by rhyming? free verse? haiku?

things are going better in the plant world. Arrived at work this morning to discover a little tattoo sort of thing on my secret message plant...well at least part of one. It's kind of hard to see, but that's a shooting star. The little husk is still firmly attached. It's standing up tall and proud instead of being the little hunched stem from yesterday. By afternoon the husk on the other side was coming off. I thought the star was my message but now I'm thinking I get the star and a wish for Sweet Dreams. the heck do they do this???????


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's cool. I'll bet that they emboss the seed before planting it. Maybe something like stamping, perhaps.
Will and Grace was only so-so. Didn't care for Brittany S, feh. The Karen scenes with Wanda Sykes was hysterical.

Susan said...

I'm really gonna miss Will and Grace but I could do without Brittany for a long time. Wanda Sykes had me laughing out loud.

One good thing about this makes the idea of going into work a lot more fun.

~France said...

Love what that plant is doing, and yes indeedy, a mystery as to how they did that!!?