Sunday, March 12, 2006

No Knitting But...

lots of stuff going on here on the prairie. Yesterday was basement cleaning day. OMG did it ever need it. I don't know what happened. I'm one of those people who alphabetize spices and have my socks sorted by color. Somehow though, that organization disappeared when it came to the basement. It's just too easy to drag something down there that I don't want to deal with looked like this.. The thoughts of going down there almost made me sick, but the knowledge that it wasn't going to go away made me sicker! So, after a very long morning listening to NPR and sorting and tossing and dragging boxes and bags upstairs to save in the garage for bulky trash day, it now looks like this...

Much, much better! I would really like to get rid
of the paint, but it has to be dry and then you have to find a place to get rid of it. Sometimes they have toxic waste day in the City. I guess I'll take it up a bit at a time and let it dry on the patio.

But I am really really pleased to have this much

Today was a bit more creative. To reward myself (yes, I bribe myself ) I made a trip to the local quilt shop. Our Walmart has a horrid selection of fabric. And I wanted to make some pillow shams. For some reason I want bright, gaudy colors all of a sudden. Quite the change from my usual earthtoned self. So today was sewing day and things look a lot more spring-y. As well it got up to 85 today!

So here's the winter living room... That's really
a duvet cover...flannel and snuggly. And that gold looking pad is where a cat is usually sleeping.

This is where I knit too. In fact, you can see the yarn on the coffee table (really a trunk). It's the
ripped out scarf.

There was a cover on the table that was rusts and blues and browns, but I had changed it before I thought to take this picture.

So now, after sewing day, here's what the area looks like. And now I shall go relax on it. Later..

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