Sunday, March 26, 2006


Well this wasn't supposed to be another post but Blogger quit on me. Perhaps it decided that this was of such importance to require it's own post.

I have just almost finished my first sock! I still lack the Kitchener part...but hopefully later in the day I can post a picture of it on my foot. Here's what it looks like now..

I think I interrupted Hershey's nap with my picture taking but at least he didn't bite my yarn. There are glips and oppsies in this sock and it's a credit to the yarn that a bazzillion frogging trips hasn't worn it out completely but I am soooooo proud of it!

Now as soon as I get this finished, I'll cast on for it's mate. I wish I could order some really cool sock yarn but tomorrow I pick up new glasses and that will eat up any extra cash I might have squeezed out. But I can look, eh? Oh I'm just grinning up a storm here!

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~France said...

It looks as tho Hershey is there to protect it! Hope it all turns out A-OK!!