Monday, March 19, 2007

It's a Monday for Sure!

I guess the thrill of completing the socks and a couple of other things just sapped my energy because by yesterday evening I was sooooo tired. Just sort of out of sorts both in body and mind so I decided that an early bedtime might be just the ticket.

A friend had given me a cd that was purported to be a relaxation thing done by some Dr. from India, and I thought it might be a good time to listen to it. So I get all comfy with Hershey lying on my arm doing kitty pies on my neck as usual and the cd starts. I'm trying to not giggle every time he says Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. But Hershey must have really been listening because he was almost immediately asleep! Usually he does kitty pies for awhile, dozes off, and then turns over with his back to me. (good grief...sounds like I'm talking about a husband!) Last night though, he barely started his pre-sleep routine before he was off to dreamland and I followed quickly.

So morning arrives and I woke up a bit before the alarm goes off. I was really pleased, it's ever so much nicer that way. I let Zoey out and stumble into the kitchen to feed the cats and pour that first mug of coffee. For Christmas, I was given one of those that can be timed to start so that coffee is waiting for me when I get up. However...there was NO coffee. And no water visible in the little window. I thought sure I'd set it up last night. Oh, but then I discovered that indeed I had set it up. It did start. Only problem was that I'd neglected to set the carafe under the brewing port!!! OMG a pot of coffee goes a really long way when it's all over the cabinet!!! It's all sort of cleaned up now...I have coffee. And I'll bleach things maybe this evening.

Please don't let this be a Monday Omen! But as Dave says, it's almost the weekend!


Cookie said...

Oh no!

What a way to start the week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I hope there wasn't any damage. Back when I drank coffee, I had one of those automatic pots. The filter hole thingy was clogged and the coffee overflowed all over the place, grounds, too.
I'd say it's back to bed with you!

Unknown said...

HA! No kidding! Bummer for sure (((((friend)))))

Hope the day was better once you got to work

Devorah said...

Did the day get any better?

And, what are kitty pies? Squidette and I need to know.

Susan said...

Cookie, it definitely woke me up a lot quicker than I had planned!

Dave, coffee pot seems fine. And since I've bleached and waxed the counter is too. Except now it looks so good that the other side of the kitchen seems rather dodgy. More bleach in my future.

Paris, it was a very, very bizarre day at work. I was surely glad to see 5:00 arrive.

Devorah, cats can make a motion with their front paws similar to kneading bread. Some call it 'making biscuits'. I've been told that it's what they do when they are nursing their mother and it continues as a comfort thing. Hershey has no front claws so it doesn't hurt. And he always wants to either knead my throat or jaw. They'll often do it when they are getting ready to lie down in my lap..probably trying to rearrange it LOL. ~~waving to the Squidette~~

Ann said...

I got a major chuckle out of the river coffee on your countertop..that stuffs bad for you you know?


Unknown said...

I certainly hope you evening is a grand one!

I always say *it's gotta get better, 'cuz it can't get worse!*

Anonymous said...

OH I hate when that happens. So since today is hump day has the week gotten better?
I also did a different sleep routine - I bought some ZZZ's sleep tea from a local herbalist, made a cup, took it to the bedroom around 10, with a book. At 11 turned out lights and went to sleep. I know I woke once during the night but I didn't wake again until 10:30. It felt good and I soo know my body needed it.


Susan said...

Ann, I'm sure you were laughing with me!

Paris, I can't even remember Monday evening. I must have been in a daze. It was a horrid morning at work, starting with a friend's mom dying unexpectedly. It's got to get better than that!

Cat, seems to be a bit more sorted out now. Yay for good sleep for you! I bet all your cells were smiling!!!