Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday FOs

May I present my new socks?
Yarn: Cabin Cove Kalidescope
Needles: US1 dpns
Pattern: Monkey designed by Cookie A and featured in Knitty.

Really, really fun to knit. The foot part fits really well and I love the fact that they didn't have a pointy toe. I shall have to do this more often. And even the kitchenering went fairly well although I think I still need more practice. The top felt a bit loose but they were still pretty damp when I put them on. They're back on the cookie rack drying in front of the open storm door.

Now what to do next. I'm thinking I want to do something with a sort of monochromatic yarn. Not a solid, but a pale something or other that isn't all one color. Like shades of blue but none too dark. And not stripey. Of course, I have nothing like that in my meager stash so I'll have to get out of that mood LOL.


Ann said...

Wonderful looking socks! You should be very proud of them!

Laura said...

Gorgeous. Of course. I really MUST start my own Cabin Cove Monkey very very soon.

We have a Bradford Pear in the front yard, but am at least two weeks behind you guys. I'll have to post pics when it blooms. too.

Devorah said...

Wonderful socks! From Squidette: "Hey, those look like my socks!" D'oh! Wear them well.

Anonymous said...

Susan! Those are SO fantastic! I love the detail you got in them. Even with the strong colors, the pattern really shows. YAY!

Susan said...

Ann I am! I totally amazed myself. Quite a change from my 2x2 rib standard!

Laura, so many folks around here have them. I'm really glad my neighbor has this huge one. I get to share and not worry about it! I look forward to seeing yours AND your Monkeys!

Thanks Devorah! Maybe the Squidette and I should call each other and wear them on the same day...or do kids still do that?

Thanks Dave! They really do look different on than when they were just in my hands. Yay for the pattern and double Yay for the yarn!!

Cookie said...


Well done you!

Susan said...

Thanks Cookie! They were such fun even though it seems like I was knitting on them forever. I don't think I'll ever enter the speed knitter contest *G*