Saturday, August 04, 2007

S is for Skyline

I so enjoy the photos that folks share of their cities. I love to see the skylines with all the interesting buildings and I sometimes imagine what it must be like to live around all that incredible scenery. My scenery is more wide open. Well, not at my house. Here I can't see the sunrise until it's above the house next door and by that time it's just sun. And I can't see the sunset unless I go a few blocks away because the trees block it. But I took this just outside of 'town' as I returned from lunch out with friends. Sky and grain elevators! And yes, it's black and white.


Devorah said...

Oh my, so much sky!

(Will it colorize if a tornado come through town? (ala' Dorothy?))

Anonymous said...

When I blew the photo up, before reading it, I thought: "Hey, I think that's a farm". And I was right! See, us city folks recognize some stuff. (Just kidding.) The black and white is really a nice touch. And there's LOTS of sky out your way, too.

Susan said...

Devorah, usually on those days it gets rather greenish.

Dave, you're right. There is a lot of sky. But at least here, not a lot of anything else.