Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sometimes you're the dog,

and sometimes you're the hydrant. At least it's been somewhat of a hydrant day.
First off, my favorite skirt, a light sagey green slickery thing accidentally got into the wrong load and it's now a light terra cotta slickery thing. Uhh. I'm not sure how that happened. I'm sure it's a chemistry thing. Not a bad color but it should have given me a clue as to how this day was going to go.
Next, I wasted much time trying to download pics from the camera to my computer. Apparently they're having a trial separation. Or maybe the divorce is already final. I tried reloading the stuff that came with the camera to no avail. I then decided I would go borrow my friend's cord (we have the same kind of camera) and see if that was the problem. But the thermometer said 103 and I decided I didn't want to borrow it that bad.
All was not lost however. I could scan the new sock I was working on so that you all could be properly impressed. Apparently I'm not ready for gansey socks. Having restarted 5 times, and never getting past row 4 of the pattern (I did really well on the ribbing part :-), I decided that they not only needed to go to time out, they have possibly gone to that part of my brain that never remembers anything. Gansey what???
There weekend started well. Early yesterday morning, The Girl and her aunt and I set out to do a bit of back to school shopping. Fortunately, much has already been done and she's also the proud owner of some of her big sister's outgrown stuff so it wasn't a frantic *have to find something NOW* sort of trip. Very relaxed and happy and laughing sort of shopping adventure. Not much time spent on clothing...more time spent in Staple's looking for just the right binder. And I got a new clipboard that will actually hold my magnet board. My old one was pretty worn out and suddenly the magnet board and pattern would just go sliding away. And all that shopping caused a great hunger so there was a HUGE breakfast! I love, love, love, big country breakfasts but I detest cooking them. So that was a real treat.
And this evening after stuffing that sock into a dark corner, I sat down with some fat yarn and str8 needles and figured out how to knit backwards. Not tinking to undo something. But purling without turning the knitting around. It was working quite well. Maybe intarsia is in my future.
AND, in spite of the summer heat that finally got here, it's pre-season football time! And if I close the curtains, I can pretend it got dark early and it's truly fall!


~France said...

WoW ... what a weekend you had (((((m'friend))))) Glad you ended up with some good eatin' afterall!

Sara said...

My, my, my...sounds like you had part of a week-end from hell and the other part just a fun time. Oh, sorry to hear about the skirt - and I understand about putting the yarn in time-out...I've been ready to do that with the red scarf yarn I've been working with - cause it went nutso...and got all tangled up.

The trip shopping sounds like it was fun. I love a big breakfast - but, like you - I eat those at restaurants only. I'm not going to cook all that!

Was going to ring your phone tonight - then time got away from me - with all the untangling of yarn!

Devorah said...

Those days happen, and stink. Glad you had fun with the girl.

Back to school shopping already? Vacation just started! Personally, I'm afraid of shopping this year. Both kids have grown, vertically, so much that finding pants is going to be a pain in the ...


Susan said...

Paris, me too! I enjoyed every single bite (and there were a lot of those)!

Too funny Sara! I was going to call you but the sock put me in such a cranky mood that I decided it would be nicer to spare you. Hope your red yarn has got the message and has decided to behave now.

Devorah, our school starts in just a couple of weeks! Uh oh. I can remember when my legs were outgrowing the rest of me. My mom would get sooo frustrated trying to find long pants that fit me.