Monday, December 10, 2007

More Ice Means Home Early

Home early today as ice or something took out a transformer and my office had no power. It gets really old sitting in the dark listening to the computer batteries beep. As per usual, our emergency lights didn't come on. Plant services brought us a couple of flashlights...they had more, but it seems that D batteries are on back order. :-/.

Unfortunately, there was no power at my house either. Although very gray outside, there was enough light to see my way to the basement and I retrieved My Buddy propane heater and the little one burner propane cook thing. Got them all hooked up, made sure I knew how to turn them on and then I heard a really weird noise. Took me a minute to realize it was my printer turning itself on. Yay..lights! Camera! Action!

Well, not too much action. I'm making a batch of potato reheats nicely in case the power goes away again. And the down comforter is at the foot of the bed just in case. That funky headlight is in my knitting bag and I have a sock that at this point is just mindless stockinette and some quilt pieces cut out and lots of books and fresh batteries in the radio/tapeplayer/cd thing. I'm good to go. I just hope I'm prepared for nothing.

The roads were really better than they were this morning but we get periodic batches of freezing rain so I'm sure when the sun goes down (I know it's out there somewhere) that will all freeze again.

And so it goes on this frozen prairie. xo


Devorah said...

Brr! At least you are prepared even if the facilities people aren't.

Stay warm!

Cookie said...

At least, they let you go home.

Thank goodness you're prepared for it. I was wondering how you were doing this morning while watching the news and seeing how much of your region is under ice. Stay warm and safe!

Sara said...

Oh, please take care - we are getting that same ice storm tonight and tomorrow!

Please be careful!!!!

Laura said...

I'm glad you were nice and warm yesterday! Love the pictures, too. We're socked in, too, but in our neighborhood, all the power lines are underground. Takes a lot to knock them out, thankfully.

Now I'll just wait for your reply, to make sure you have power today.