Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby

That's what the outside world has been about today. Fortunately I got to stay inside except for brief forays to retrieve propane from the garage and jaunts with Zoey. Except for that, it's all been about the inside.

And inside, it's been warm and happy. Christmas lights on alllll day. Fabric to be cut out. A bit of sock knitting. Just a lot of fun things.

And after fighting with yucky respiratory stuff for way too long, I felt really good. Even when not feeling so well, I couldn't complain too much as I'd dodged it for the last couple of years. Or, perhaps as someone suggested, I needed a rest. Certainly got that. Lots of naps were taken. Lots of tea drank. Mindless tv and some mindless reading. Must have worked...either that or it was the steroids :-O

And I even have a new friend. Meet Axel all the way from the UK, brought into the world by Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits. He was a bit shy at first and thought that he could hide in the tree and check things out before jumping into the softie community here. Now all is well, and he's been telling all sorts of tales to the other bears and lambs and cats and moose and reindeer and hippopotomii that share my home.

Time for lights out now..and the hope that in the morning they'll come on, unaffected by freezing rain weighing down the lines!



Devorah said...

Hippopotomii? Do share, please.

Sorry you were under the weather. Steriods? Eek!

Hope you are well on the way to recovery now!


Anonymous said...

You got Axel???? Mr Minky was trying to get a friend, but no lucjk, she sells out WAY too fast. Congratulations on that acquisition!

Susan said...

Devorah, I'm feeling much better although I discovered today that wheezes are still lurking. The hippo originally was a toy belonging to my much missed doggie Cass. She didn't chew on it, but it was her baby and she carried it everywhere. I thought she needed more than one hippo. They are hard to find *G* so I have an extremely small 2.

Dave, yay me! I tried on a previous offering and totally missed out but this time I had a plan and even though I was at work I convinced my coworkers to cover for me as I hit 'refresh' a thousand times. Axel wasn't who I was shooting for, but obviously he was who I was destined for. Only problem is that he has been telling my other softies that if I were a good mom I would knit fair isle for all of them.

Anonymous said...

Oooh ice, a good day to do what you did, snuggle under a nice blankie, a cup of tea/soup and some great knitting.
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Now you take care.


Susan said...

Cat, I agree. And now I get to do more of it! I'm really glad I don't work as a lineman for the county! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Axel! You'll LOVE it there!

Sorry to read you were all sick again (((((Susan)))))

Stay well, and be safe sweetee!

Susan said...

Paris, I shall do my bestest!