Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh the weather outside~~~

The day's adventures started early. The power went out with a bang around midnight but Mary, the most demanding cat, didn't care. "It's 5 AM and I'm starrrrvvvinnng!" Clamping on my headlight I fed them, and discovered that Zoey is absolutely terrorized by that light. I guess she thought it was chasing her. So whimpering, she hid out behind the love seat. As soon as they finished, we all went back to bed to listen to the radio which picks up one of the local tv stations. Guess what. It's icy and the power is out.

All snuggled up we went back to sleep until dawn sort of arrived at 7:30! I can't remember when I've slept that late. Although very cloudy and dim, I at least could get around without the light.

So, off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. One pan of water heated makes a big mug of instant coffee (I know) and a big mug of instant oatmeal (blech, I much prefer real oatmeal) and enough water that once cooled can provide face washing, teeth brushing etc. A bit more heated and dishes are done.

Then with a full tummy we went out to explore a bit and to maybe get some ice off the car.

It was a bit tricky exiting the patio, but the intrepid explorers found an alternate route.

If it wasn't so destructive, I'd have to say it's absolutely beautiful. But then sometimes the most dangerous things are the most beautiful.

This little branch is about the size of a skinny pencil. The rest is ice..I'm not sure how ice can be all around something. Must freeze fast before it falls off. I measured 1/2" thick ice on the trunk of my car.

In the center of this picture you can maybe see a broken off tree limb. I don't know where the rest of it is..I'm thinking it's on the roof.

I got a call that the office once again had lights and just as I was trying to get excited about going to work MY lights came on. Yay!! A bath, clean hair and off I go again.

All day long it rained. And rained. And rained. Very uncomfortable as it was very cold but NOT freezing so the streets and sidewalks got much better. The trees are still a disaster. And on the evening news they said that there were 638,000 electric customers without power. I am so blessed!

Lights are a bit flickery tonight and they say there might be freezing drizzle but for now I'm warm, safe and have knitting to do.

See ya tomorrow maybe! xo


Anonymous said...

O Mercy! BIG warm hugs for (((((you and yours)))))

I heard today, from a teacher who has relatives in Norman, that the ice storm has hit OK! I am soooo glad to read that you are fine, and even have power (again).

Take care m'friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweetie, I worry to hear you are driving in that stuff. I've been hearing on the news on how bad OK has been hit and other places. Matter-of-fact our guys (the electric guys) are heading your way to help out your guys.
Stay warm and very safe dear.

P.S. are you going to do the PIF? I do have room for one more?

Sara said...

oh, Susan, I've never seen ice like that - I'd probably freak! Please be careful!!!

Cookie said...

Thank goodness you're prepared for all that weather. Stay warm!

Susan said...

Paris, Norman got hit really really bad. Metro schools are "closed until you hear differently"

Cat, the told on the news last night about all the groups from various states that are coming into help. It is soooo appreciated. And yes, I want to do PIF. I think it will be great fun and will try to get my post up tonight.

No Sara you wouldn't freak but I can guess at what you would say. WTF! I'm extremely careful.

Cookie, I am so snugged in. I somehow think I should be thrifty about the energy I use and all I can say is hooray for wool socks and fingerless gloves. Oh and caps too! I wore the one you made me this morning. I don't look great in caps but who cares. I was warm!

Anonymous said...

((((Mercy)))) I am so glad you are doing ok. I have been so worried about you but I know you are so creative that you could survive almost anything.

With all the terrible weather we get here in PA I have never seen ice like that!

I love your pix they are great!!!! That is exactly what I would be doing if we had all that ice.... I'd be outside snapping my heart out.

Stay safe and warm and know I love ya.

Devorah said...

Glad to hear you got your power back. Sorry to hear that so many people are suffering.

Stay safe!


Susan said...

Linna, thanks for the compliment. I like to think I'm pretty resourceful..that's right before I curl up in a fetal position and scream :-) And yeah, my thought wasn't how I was going to get to work but could I manage to take pics without tumping over!

Devorah, me too! I heard from my friend in the City that her power was on when she got back from work. I feel really bad from small business owners that haven't been able to open. A lot of dollars lost. I saw a story about a potter who has all these Christmas orders but the kilns can't work without electricity.