Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Night in the Big Town

Yes, at long last it's once again Friday night. Such a time of anticipation and ... uhh laundry but never mind that.

And so how would such a unique individual as me spend such a night? Creatively? Obsessively? Perhaps a bit of both. Much time has been spent this evening doing this

Pattern sorting. There are sooooo many downloaded patterns around here. I hesitate to even think about going through them all. But there were a big stack here on my desk. Three stacks were made:
1. I think I really like this and maybe someday I'll try to make it.
2. I've already made this..loved it and want to make again.
3. I really really really love this and want to make it. Now what do I have to gather in order to do it.

I'm thinking that there are going to have to be a number of 16 inch circs purchased fairly soon. Too bad I can't seem to gather a bunch of patterns that use the same size. Maybe those new bamboo Knitpick ones. I have discovered that my hands truly like bamboo better and they don't get cranky so quickly. I guess it's that they're warm.

And some research needs to be done too. Some of the patterns call for yarn I've never heard of so I'll have to try and figure out what might work since often the pictured yarns are too expensive for my pocket.

Lists have been made, now it's time to put it all up so I can go to bed and dream about knitting hats and bears and mittens. Or maybe I'll just dream of Jon Bon Jovi again.


Devorah said...

O.k., so what was it? Hats or Jon? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is what I'm doing with my recipes. is a good source for comparison yarns. This is a good site for the different yarn weights


Susan said...

Devorah, if I dreamed, I didn't remember it. I surely did sleep well though. And unfortunately for Saturday activity, I woke up wanting to do more of it. Guess I was really tired. So it was buy groceries, nap, put a load of laundry in the washer, nap etc.

Cat, Yarndex is one of my favorite sites. I recently read an interview with some knitting designer (and I have NO idea who it was and neglected to bookmark it)who said that usually when their design is chosen for publication the magazine gives them the yarn to use and it's usually something that's quite wonderful and expensive. Lucky dogs!