Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thumb Up!

Not thumbs up as there is only one. This went a bit better although I still ended up with a couple of gaps. The whole mitt seemed to take forever. I looked through a plethora of patterns and instructions. The majority of it came from EZ. Only problem was that she reminded me of my mom. You know how moms do. You ask a question about how to prepare some dish and they'll say soemthing like "Add ____ until it looks right" As if you knew what this uncooked something was supposed to look like. So I'm knitting along and she said something to the effect of "When it's time for the thumb, do blah blah blah." I don't know when it's time for this thumb. I'd stuff my hand in the mitt and think ok..it will go here. and then when I actually did the knitting with the contrast yarn, I'd realize it was too high or too low. So...ripppit! This yarn held up nicely through all my do-overs and I had a lot of fun with it.

One thing I really liked was that after the ribbing was done, EZ said to make it smaller by doing some K2Togs, I can't remember exactly how it was written and besides I guess I'm not supposed to say. But you did that for several rows and it really snuggled down the wrist and then you went back up to the regular count. It really seems to make it feel more comfy and secure.

I think it's mate will be a gusset thumb again and hopefully eventually I'll be able to do either and well. It's the year of the thumb?

But tonight, I think I shall crochet a bit. It's been a long time, hope I remember how.

What are you doing these days???


BumbleVee said...

how I hate that. c'mon people!! if you are doing a class or setting down a pattern or recipe... please give plenty of direction, pictures, and information.
It is like they totally forget they were ever a rookie!

Devorah said...

Ah, but once you get the hang of it, mitten knitting is a skill you have for life!

Good luck on the gusset!

Susan said...

Bumble, to be perfectly honest, the part that said that wasn't really directed at a newbie. It was more like if someone told you of a tip on how to do something you already knew. I just grabbed it for myself. I agree though. I went to a knitting class that was like that. I didn't go back. And, I'd asked in advance if it was suitable for a beginner.

Devorah, I'm sure hoping so. I never thought sock knitting would be a comfy thing..so I'm hoping that mitten knitting will eventually be that for me too. Then I can experiment with colorwork...which is the real goal. In the meantime, there may be a lot of wonky mittens to palm off (heh) on unsuspecting people.

Cookie said...

They get easier as you keep knitting. Kind of like socks. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Susan that mitten is lovely!!!


Susan said...

Cookie, maybe I should ask Silver to do a thumb tutorial..if it hadn't been for her, I don't think I would have ever understood socks. And I still keep a printout of her tutorial in my sock bag just in case *G*

Thanks Cat! And now I'll have to sneak it's mate in around hats since it's almost February! I ordered a couple of 16"circs from Knitpicks and I hope they get here soon.

Laura said...

That thumb gusset is PERFECT! I love it! No nasty little yarnovers to leave holes between the body and the thumb. Lovely!

I'd gripe about the lack of specifics, but it's how I cook. Bit of this, handful of that. Heaven forbid I have to write it down! Yikes!

I got the same tombstone. Should we go to Sonic for lunch, or wait until we're on our last leg, healthwise?? ;)