Thursday, January 03, 2008

A slight distraction

Ya gotta wonder about dreams. I woke up the other morning and knew that I'd had a dream that would make folks laugh if I told them about it. But I couldn't remember a bit of it. Hours later, sitting there at work in front of my keyboard I remembered. And burst out laughing. It seems I dreamed that friends of mine were telling me that this guy really ummm..well, really wanted to get to know me very, very well. Wanna know who it was?

I don't have any idea why I would dream about Jon Bon Jovi. Certainly nice scenery though.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah mmMMmMMM what a guy to dream about. Hon if I was I would go back to sleep LOL. A close second would be Brett Michaels singing Unskinny Bop to me.


Devorah said...

Nice dream!

Susan said...

Too funny Cat! I had to go to YouTube and listen again. And now I've melded you in the video.

Devorah, certainly beats those leave you exhausted from trying to get somewhere or find something.