Monday, January 07, 2008

Weird Weather!

Saturday was in the 70s..yesterday it was 75. In January! Still going to be warmish today but the cooler weather returns on Tuesday, or so say the weathermen.

Saturday seemed to be a very sleepy day. I slept well Friday night but still woke up sleepy. I was doing dishes and realized that I was thinking about how good it would feel to be lying down :-). So the day was interspersed with little naps. Or long naps. And not a whole lot was accomplished.

So Sunday, which according to Cat was Jammie Day became the day to get things done. Laundry and ironing is done. The car is washed. Gave the dog a haircut; not as short as it usually is but at least her feet don't look as big as a saucer. House vacuumed. New windshield wipers were purchased and installed. The patio was swept.

I did manage to mark one thing off the "not weekly" list. The junk drawer in the kitchen is all nice and tidy! Yay me. It was driving me crazy and I'm so glad I don't have to think about it any more.



Oh, and a trip to Walmart to purchase plastic drawer things. They had a special and I got two. Well, actually purchased one...stuffed it full and went back for another one "just in case I get more yarn". Most all of the yarn in these drawers is worsted. There is 1 skein of Cascade 220; a couple partial skeins of the same; 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon (where did that come from??) and a lot of Lion Brand wool and Woolease; and a number of skeins of Paton's wool. Ha...I'd buy it on sale because in the old storage system I had no idea of what I had. And some Plymouth Encore. Lots of playtime ahead for sure!

But best of all, some serious porch swing sitting. The winds were too strong for knitting so I read a library book and daydreamed and watched kids out on their new Christmas skate boards and bikes. Nice!

Now it's Monday once again. And I have a job and I love my coworkers so I'm going to be happy about it.

Laters. xo


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah that is the reason I don't have a kitchen junk draw. I know my guys and it would never ever be straight LOL.
Oh how nice, a porch swing and watching the neighbor kids play. Oh I so miss that.

Now girlfriend I hope you did all the running around and porch sitting in your jammies ;-)


Devorah said...

What a nice weekend! The junk drawer is why we have very few storage drawers in this apartment. Instead, we have a junk closet. *g*

Susan said...

Hahahah Devorah, Fibber McGee's is alive and well. Closet space here is at a premium but I have a LOT of drawers. And guess what, they are all full.

Cat, I did sit on the porch swing in my jammies..well the bottoms and a tshirt. But I didn't think that would work so well for the car wash *G*