Thursday, April 24, 2008

Babies at Work

Well..not human babies, but still. Our facility is pretty much surrounded by park and a golf (bleh)course. We used to sit outside and watch foxes play before the golf course came into being.

But...apparently the fox doesn't care about all the fancy schmancy that the golf course would like to promote. And we hadn't seen any in a a really, really long time. However, in the last couple weeks, we've been seeing a rather thin female running around. We've all been worried about her. Now we know why she's a bit too thin.

Actually there are 3 but I only got pics of two of them. And sorry that they're sort of zoom isn't too up to snuff. One of the nurses went back out by herself and one of them started coming towards her being all curious. She really wanted to see what would happen but was a bit intimidated by the mama so she gracefully came back into the building.

There's a road that divides us from the golf course. They were all over on our side..snooping in the drainage tiles. Mom told them to go with her back over to the golf course side. She went across the road but a car was coming and thank goodness! The kits just sat down on our side. Being children though, instead of going to mom when the coast was clear, they just looked like they were laughing as they ran up into the parking lot and then raced down the hill. I'm sure they got a good talking to once we went away and she got them under control again.

Toooo fun! And what a grand start to the day.


Sara said...

They are too cute!!! Looks like we both had new babies to post about...

Devorah said...

Aww ... what a cool thing to see from work.

Anonymous said...

That is just precious! So are the pix above this post! You are a brave soul, you are!! Hahahaaaaa