Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After totally ripping the thumb back to the gusset and re-knitting the Bird in Hand mitt is done. I am soooooooooo proud of me. My very first stranded project! Perfect? No. Done? yes.

Pattern: Kate Gilbert's Bird in HandYarn: Cascade 220 in Colors shown (like I still have the ball band??)
Needles Crystal Palace #1 dpns.
Started: A while ago. Finished on Earth Day 2008 just before Deadliest Catch started.
Modifications: I just could not figure out the Estonian Braid despite numerous attempts. So it was replaced by some purl bumps on the cuff. I'm sorry, Kate!

Still needs to be washed but that will wait for the next batch of socks to be washed. Have to be thrifty with my wool wash.

I loved, loved, loved doing this. It was such fun to watch the pattern emerge and although some of the floats on the inside could be looser or tighter, I'm pleased.

Yesterday was a very sad, emotional and long day as we said a last goodbye to a friend and coworker. I finally got home exhausted both physically and mentally exhausted but happy that her struggle was over. And as I finished up the little birdie on the thumb I realized that she was flying free. So, Sharon..this bird's for you.


Sara said...


Great job on the stranded mitten! You did a lot better than I would have done!!! I haven't even thought about doing that yet.

So sorry to hear about your friend. I know that was hard for you.

And, thank you for the lovely note card you sent me. You find the coolest cards and note cards I've ever seen. Where do you shop for these?????

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry about your friend. What an awesome thing to do and dedicate the mittens to her. Which by the way is absolutely gorgeous.


Devorah said...

What a bittersweet day! I'm so sorry about your friend. Now when you wear the mittens you will, hopefully, have good thoughts of her.

Nice job on the mitt.