Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was hoping that Bird in Hand would be finished by this time and I could show it off. Alas, I'm about 6 rows from the end of the thumb and noticed I skipped a couple rows. I just wanted to cry. So it's been tinked back and is resting quietly while I sort of regroup my brain.

It's been a fun and busy weekend. I had Friday off unexpectedly and got the laundry done early and rewarded myself with a trip to the City. I had two to find a skein of bright yellow Cascade 220 and to find a book/mag by Alan Dart that I learned from Ravelry other people had found at Barnes and Noble or Borders.

The yarn I wanted was out of stock so I got a skein of white and decided I would just dye it. And after hitting 4 bookstores I finally found the book. And now I have the pattern for the gnome that I have wanted forever. (I would insert pic here but my batteries went down a bit ago and I have to get more)

Stopped on the way back to watch The Girl play softball but ummm all that was there was a machine pitch game. They've promised me a revised schedule.

Yesterday and today was a mixture of work and play. I have decided to go through every cabinet and closet on this place and do a thorough sorting and cleaning. The bathroom is complete. My little closet is done and there are boxes of clothes waiting for the next Habitat pickup. One would think that if you became a grown up you would quit growing :-( The cabinet in the kitchen that my dishes/glasses are in is done. One down and a bazillion to go. I did manage to the the propane heaters back down to the basement and the propane bottles out of the house. I planned on going to the can bank today but I've added it to the next list. It's amazing how much stuff I can cram in small places. Hershey kept me company and enjoyed a nap with my newest softie (thank you Nature Conservancy)

The yarn got dyed. Actually it got dyed twice. Once yesterday with Koolaid Lemonade and a bit of food color (Yellow food color makes stuff kind of orange in places. After it dried, I noticed a lot of places that were missed so after replenishing the Koolaid, I overdyed today. I'm glad I toned down the orange. It's very windy today and I hung it in the archway and with front and back doors opened it dried really fast. Now to wind it so I can put the ball winder and swift away.

And the mitt was worked on as noted above. It's going to be a one mitt project I think. Primarily because knitting with worsted weight yarn on #1 needles makes my hands hurt. But I really want to do more stranded stuff. It's addictive, or like working a jigsaw puzzle. I have company for that too. Here in a wonky picture you can see Hershey helping me hold up my lap desk, and Mary down there warming my foot. :-)

It's springtime and everything is being decorated with helicopters..or whirly gigs..whichever you prefer. They are sooo pretty coming down. And I love the reddish tint on the "wing".

OK..back to the thumb.


BumbleVee said...

love the name Hershey... is it becuz he is chocolate-y? he is lovely....

I dye some of my wools for the tiny bears with Kool-Aid too...what great stuff. I do it in a glass because the amount is so small. Sure works great.

sorry to hear your knitting went astray...not knowing how to knit I don't understand much about it...but it must be bloody annoying when something like that happens.

Devorah said...

What a nice weekend -- and such bright yarn! Why do you need bright yellow Cascade?

Anonymous said...

WOW you have been busy. Did you find your yellow Cascade? Is the yellow yarn you dyed to be used in place of that?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OOO ... very bright yellow! Hope it works for what you want.

Did you remember your PaneraBread Card while in town? I hope so, 'cuz you deserve a treat now and again!

Anonymous said...

PS: There's plenty left on your card! I added a little *happy EarthDay* gift!

Love ya!