Friday, November 21, 2008

I Am Sooooo Glad

that it's Friday! It's really been one of 'those' weeks.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at home being up close and personal with a heating pad. Sunday I was on the step ladder hanging curtains back up in the living room. Stepped off the bottom step so that I could see a football replay. Oh, but oops. I was on the next step up. Big step down in which I really tried hard to drive my right hip up through the top of my head. Dang...I just can't get rid of my klutz reputation.
But once I got enough drugs in my system it wasn't all a bad thing. Lots of Cold Case Files and knitting and napping.
So I go back to work on Wednesday and discover that all sorts of bad things are happening at my place of employment. All quite complicated and probably not appropriate for blogging...and very scary. My dept. director keeps trying to give us the sense that this isn't really total disaster. But he's talking to us with tears in his eyes? We shall see. Please great employment office in the sky...I really need one more year. Please? Pretty please?
In an attempt to bring calmness and contentedness into my life, my evenings have been spent with eggnog (alcohol free) and yarn. Two of my most favorite things in the world. Apparently though, I'm somehow transmitting my inner thoughts to the animals who can't decide whether they need to race around madly or pile up on me until moving is difficult :-)

So I decided on the way home tonight that other than changing my sheets and doing laundry, I wasn't going to do anything that NEEDED to be done this weekend. Just knit and spin and nap and catch up on blogs.
Hmmm, when I booted up the computer I got this message that a problem had been discovered on my hard drive. Like I know what I'm supposed to do about that. I clicked on through and got on line without difficulty but who knows how long that will last?
Is this some sort of cosmic glitch?
I guess I'd better hurry up and look up a recipe for chai tea. So I'll have something to do if I become unemployed and without a computer.
Hopefully see you later this weekend. What have you got planned?


KatyaR said...

The work stuff must be going around, because we're having rumbles again as well. Looks like we're getting ready for a "reorganization," which, for this company, probably means trouble. Why do these things happen at the end of the year?

Sorry to hear about your fall--I can totally relate to the klutzy label.

Where's that spinning you've been doing? Missy and I went to see Donna last weekend, and Missy put a downpayment on a Ladybug--I'm so excited for her! She absolutely loves it. She's going to be a great spinner.

As for me, I can't wait for the four-day weekend . . . .

Sara said...

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed about work!!!

From one klutz to another - I totally understand! Hope you feel better from that soon.

Relax, enjoy the week-end!

Sheri said...

Oh, you poor thing! I sure hope you're feeling better and your hip isn't black and blue, not just from the jump off the ladder but because of the meds your taking! I've gotten some good ones.

Hope work keeps going for your 1 more year. Jeesh, life sure gets screwy sometimes, doesn't it?

Here's to ya,
Sheri in GA

Devorah said...

Ow! Keeping my fingers crossed for one more year at work for you! Meanwhile -- BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER. NOW!!! Before it dies.

(Been there, lost the data.)

The socklady said...

Sure hope job situation doesn't fall apart for you. Heading south today to pick up newly repaired car (I hope). Its a bit over a 6 hr drive and I was lucky to find two friends heading south this morning.

jessie said...

Scary work stuff, oh no! I am currently grateful that I just got a job, as my husband's business is getting slower and slower. It's a terrifying time.

Thank you for the Christmas card! Milo has received his belly scratch (and i have received stitches--just kidding).