Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sock That Vote!

Yes, I got to vote early yesterday. Our early voting only started on Friday but there was a really long line. And I was running work errands and didn't think I'd better stop. So up early yesterday as usual and was there at 7:30 with about 50 people ahead of me and they didn't open for actual voting until 8. I had my sock-in-progress in my GoKnit bag hooked onto my belt loop so I happily stood in line and visited and knit. Pretty much had it done by the time we started moving much. I know that I cancelled out the vote of the guy in front of me, and I also know that probably my vote was cancelled numerous times. But still I think it's very exciting that this election is bringing in so many new voters. I was told that in my county there have been thousands of new voters registering and the election board folks have been working really late hours getting all of them in the computer.

Anyway, so here are the sockies. They're fraternal first. I'm not sure why as the ball bands had the same lot number on them. But ohhhhhhhh they are lovely squishy and soft. The yarn is one of my prizes from Knitty Otter's contest.

Yarn: Ditto Color 4807
Needles: 2.75 and Size 1 dpns
Time spent: uhhh maybe a couple of weeks off and on.

I came home..finished the toe and grafted it. Took their picture and headed off to the next town to take part in the Grand Opening of the new

in the next town over, 10 miles away! It's so nice to not have to drive 30 miles to buy catfood. It's not that they use some bizarre brand, it's just that here there is not much choice. The parking lot was almost FULL and it's a big lot. And there were at least a bazillion dogs and their people inside. And a lot of doggie noise. I got some food (and used my $5 off coupon) and picked up all the freebies and headed home.

Almost too much excitement ;-)


Laura said...

It sounds like lots of fun!

I think I know who you voted for in the presidential, and don't worry, I'll add my vote of support as well. Politics is why I don't blog at the moment, all the lying on the part of a man who's supposed to be honorable has disappointed me a lot.

Sara said...

I'll be voting tomorrow - and I can't wait! Then I'm going to a little sit-and-hold-our-breath-election-returns-party.

Oh, I'd love to have a petsmart close - I think the closest is in Concord...

KatyaR said...

OMG, I will be SO glad when this election is done! At this point, I'm having to remind myself to breathe on a regular basis. Tomorrow night may find me in a fetal position behind the couch (with a bottle of alcohol in hand, of course). And Wednesday? Oy, I hate to even think about it.

Politics isn't an easy game in Oklahoma these days, especially if you "lean" a certain way (ha-rump). How I long for the days when being a Democrat wasn't being equated with devil-worship or something.

Let's hope the future starts tomorrow . . . .

BTW--how's the spinning?