Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mystery Solved!

The strangest thing happened repeatedly last week. From Wednesday on, every morning when I got to work I'd have a piece of something in my eye. Well, not really IN it but around it. A fuzz that would just drive me crazy. Nothing I could see. I'd rub my eye, spend time looking in the mirror trying to find it all to no avail. Eventually, by mid morning, it would be gone and all was well.
Curiously, before I left for work, all would be fine. I thought of a couple of possibilites.
A cat hair that somehow found it's way to my eyes as I told everyone goodbye.
A piece of spinning fiber that somehow found it's way to my eyes as I walked out the door.
So, I quit spinning in the morning. I told the cats good bye from a distance and still....a very annoying something in my eyes.
But then, on Sunday afternoon, the mystery was solved. I'd decided to go to Sonic for a half price drink and as I approached my vehicle I saw the culprit. The sun was coming from the west and highlighting my driver's window. And gracefully arranged there were gossamer strands of a spider web. It wasn't a big beautiful web, but rather infintesimal strands going here and there. Most importantly, it reached from the front side of the window area to the seat belt bracket on the side. And the spider, a teensy weensy one. I went back in the house and got a cup and relocated her to a more appropriate area. For me anyway, she perhaps wasn't as thrilled. I guess she'd been living there for awhile and every night she practiced her weaving skills only to have me tear things up. And at work, the window was down and perhaps the wind kept her from restoring things during the day. As I cleared out the web, I was amazed at how fine it was. Not like the usual ones that I walk through and then feel all over myself. I couldn't feel it at all on my arms and hands. But when it would get to my eyes, it became an invisible annoyance.
And yesterday? No itchy, cranky eyes. Sorry spider. I hope you found a new place to spin so fine.


Sheri said...

Well, you're much nicer to spiders than I would have been. Have you ever been to the South and seen the size of these buggers? Ooo, I can't stand them! That story gave me the weebie jeebies.
Sheri in GA

Devorah said...

Yup! Much nicer than I would have been.

I really can't get around leaving car windows open while parked. If you do that here ...