Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday Night w/Fiber

Last night was the first part of a fiber weekend..well Friday evening and today. Because of some logistal glitches we didn't get to start as early this year, but there were great cries of "Oh have you been?" "Ohhh look at this!" etc.

After an always great potluck, a woman who teaches natural dyeing classes talked to us. Whoa..what a cool person! Besides teaching at City Arts, she also teaches kids in alternative school. She said it was pretty funny watching fairly obvious gang members whisper to each other that she was a witch. She had examples of the work they didn't want to keep..i.e. not their best efforts and still it was just amazing.

My afternoon class, basket weaving, got cancelled to be rescheduled later..knee surgery could really impact a person! Get well soon Debra! My evening class was Wool Applique. I'm making a penny rug. I learned several things.
1st: Even when drawn on with a sharpie, I am unable to cut out a perfect circle in fabric.
2nd: My project is "organic" which in this case seems to mean my circles are wonky.
3rd: Wonky circles are hysterically funny when everyone is tired.
4th: Perhaps the best part of this sort of event is getting together with the people. (See the 3rd thing)

I'll take pics later. I have to be out there early this morning. The only class I signed up for today is called "Silk Fusion". I think I will feel very "arty" doing this! And I don't think I will need to cut out circles.


Sara said...

Oh, I am so totally jealous! What a great way to spend a few days! Where is this?

I have a penny rug to make - maybe I'll get started on it this winter! We had a class on it at our Quilt Guild but I didn't get to go that day - but I had ordered a I have it!

You;ll have to tell us all about Silk Fusion...

Have a wonderful time!!!!

Devorah said...

What fun! I can't wait to hear how the rest of the weekend went.

Susan said...

Sara, I've got to redo part of my penny rug. One of my circle sets is out of place but I didn't notice until I saw it's pic. Fun though and quite relaxing. It was a group of people from a yahoo list plus some vendors and it was held right here in my town!

Devorah, it was just on Friday and Saturday. Today has been a day of laundry and such. All fun must end sometime I guess. /sigh