Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain, Happy Humpday

BOO! Are you scared??? This happy fellow arrived in my mailbox today thanks to the amazing Sprite! I was delighted not only because this punky one is quite adorable but more because I
thought Sprite had gone off on other paths. She's just been amazingly busy shipping loads of stuff to our soldiers, and if you'd ever wanted to do that but just can't seem to get it done or perhaps your wallet won't allow it (postage, if it's not a flat rate box is a LOT and even the flat rates add up quickly)you can help her. Who wouldn't want to end a hard work day in Afghanistan by having Mexican for supper.

And now for a sad, reflective moment. That little orange one is relaxing on top of a petticoat that is made of tons and tons of fabric. More years ago than I want to think about I was active in a reenactor group. Our period was 1880s, and all of our clothes were handmade. There wasn't elastic for petticoats so they had a regular button waistband. Way back in the closet the petticoats and pantaloons and dresses and aprons lived in a dress bag. A friend wanted to borrow one of the aprons and when I got it out, I discovered that in spite of the dress bag, all the white stuff was somewhat yellowed. So, all got dumped in the washer and soaked and washed. And because I'm totally unrealistic, I thought perhaps I could still fit in the petticoat. OMG...I've grown a lot! I'm thinking it's going to be taken apart and added back to fabric stash. I really doubt that I will ever have a 26 inch waist again

And here is one Fetching. I can't quite figure out how to take a pic of both hands outside. There's nothing to set the camera on. I guess I need to invest in a tripod. And also learn more about angles. In rl my hand and mitt don't look all stubby. :/


Sheri said...

Happy Halloween to you too. Love the Fetching. Doesn't look stubby to me. :o)
Sheri in GA

Devorah said...

Happy Halloween! (Or All Saints Day as it is now ...) Lovely Fetching. And lucky you. Sprite sent me a card with a cool button that I dared not wear at work (but did wear trick-or-treating) and a fake fly that jumped out of the envelope and scared the bejezus out of me!