Sunday, October 14, 2007

Penny Rug

Whew! I meant to post yesterday evening. But apparently I needed to sleep for almost 12 hours. All better now :)
I finished stitching the penny "rug". Obviously would only work as a rug for a small softie. An old, old craft although I'm not sure they had fuschia and coral fabric available. There was a great big box of woolen scraps, many of them felted blankets and we could just rummage around to chose our fabrics. I took many pics and for some reason it was hard to actually get the colors to show up right but these are the best.

I really enjoyed stitching the little not-quite-round circles. I noticed when I uploaded the pics that one of the sets needs to be scooted down a bit. It will have to wait though as I used up all of my black embroidery thread and...I can no longer buy it in my town. Oh..who am I kidding. It will probably be a bit out of place forever!

I glanced through a couple of books our instructor had. A lot of patterns that didn't look traditional at all. Just using the process. I have some ideas.
One of the vendors had some needlepunched felt which followed me home. But I'm going to have to go thrifting for an old blanket or something that I can use for the base part. My color pieces are rather thick so I'll have to find something that I can felt that will be of similar weight I think. Only problem is that not a lot of wool is worn here. Cross your finger that I find some old sweaters or something, k?

Always good to have ideas circulating! Now I have to go check on some yarn to see how much I have of it. I want to make Fetching.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm really jealous now! Your Little Penny looks pretty nice. And they aren't supposed to be all perfect. :) And I've been wanting to make one, and even asked about wool felt at the fabric store on Saturday. (Looks like I'll be mail ordering it.)
As for wool blankets, try an army/navy store. They usually have them in olives, navy, and sometimes in black or natural. (Which you could dye.)

Devorah said...

Want me to look for some at Rhinebeck? I promise to ziplock bag it before bringing it into my apartment. :-)

Susan said...

Devorah, ohhhh that would be super! I need some sort of neutral. Heck. I'll take anything I can get! When is it? I'll send you some $$$

Dave, I have some wool felt here that I got to use as a base for needlefelting. I'm not sure if it's all that way, but this stuff looks just like felt from Walmart. The blanket/sweater/other clothing felted wool is much denser and softish. Ohhhh and I hadn't thought of army/navy places. Hmmm I need to call in and go shopping.
C'mon down! Then I'd really have an excuse to call in. "Sorry but I have company from Boston

KatyaR said...

I love your penny rug--I think it looks perfect. I bought some felt to try to make one last year, but then decided I needed to buy the wool felt and never ordered it. I wonder where that book is . . . .

I'm glad to hear that the retreat went well--it sounds like everyone had a great time.

Susan said...

Oh jeez, sound like me!They are really quite fun..maybe not exciting tho. And...each little section doesn't take long so if you're like me and get tired of projects, you might get through before you reach that point! And you even have a book! So there ya go. Do it! :)