Friday, December 14, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday~~~~

Do you hear the Beatles singing? No? Maybe it's only at my house cause It's My Birthday too yeah! And I just love it! I don't think I've ever not wanted to recognize a birthday..after all, it IS all about me :-) And as for getting older..well for me it's a good thing. Hey..I survived another year and can look forward to the next year to come. More yarn, more knitting, more fabric, more books more friends, more giggles. Yay!

Today at work, my office coworkers and I are going to have pizza for lunch..AND breadsticks too. And the weatherman says he will 'give' me snow later in the day. Which may mean that I save money. Because an Oklahoma City branch of a nummy yarn store is opening Saturday and I'd planned on helping them celebrate. No matter. I'll stay home and be warm and snuggly (I hope)

If it's not your birthday today...well pretend like it is and do something nice for yourself. French toast maybe?


Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And breadsticks, too? You're a lucky woman.

Paul said...

Happy Birthday, Hunny Bunny!!!!!

Cookie said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!

I hope you're having a wonderful, warm day. *hugs*

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Have a super great day!!!! And, treat yourself super well!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my friend.

You might want to let Perk and the others know you are okay.


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy (((((friend))))) ... you are super!!

KatyaR said...


No one deserves it more.

Have a safe, warm, dry, and well-lit weekend. :<)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Love Ya


~Lynn~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Susan! And much yarn to go with your happy day!

Kirsten said...

Happy birthday a wee bit late, Susan!
I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Sheri said...

What a terrible friend I am, didn't even know it was your birthday AND didn't send out any cards this year for Christmas and got yours today. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope it was all you could hope for. And here's hoping you're feeling better and have a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year!
Sheri in GA

Laura said...

Aw crap! I totally missed it! Serves me right for checking Ravelry's friends blogs update instead of doing it manually. :P

At any rate, you have a package on its way to you already. It's a Christmas thing, there may have to be a birthday thing rounded up, too. :)

Fingers crossed you feel better soon!