Monday, January 14, 2008

At Least It's Colorful

And if you don't notice the weird thumb, it doesn't look like the knitting is too bad. That's because you can't see the area between the top of the thumb and the mitt. OMG I ripped that out a bazillion times and still it looked like swiss cheese. It's a bit weird because I've made fingerless mitts that have a partial thumb and I don't remember having that much trouble. I need more practice, I guess. Oh, and yeah, if you're going to make the thumb a different color, you need to start it on the gusset. But I did get really good at M1s.

Yarn: Plymouth Encore from stash
Needles: Crystal Palace Size 6 dpns
Time: ??? off and on yesterday but the cuff was done.

Another source of color in my space is much better behaved. Well, unless you remember that Christmas cactuses are supposed to bloom in December. When it was little, I used to put it in the dark for awhile and bring it out so that it would bloom then. Now, I figure who cares. I would hate being shut up in a dark closet. So it just blooms whenever it wants, and actually blooms more than when I did it 'right.

So there ya go. Happy Monday xo


Sara said...

Aren't mittens fun??? I had a terrible time the first couple of times I tried to do a mitten. Now, it's a piece of cake! (Watch - for saying that - I'll screw up the next ones!!!)

Your Christmas Catcus is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love the mitts!! Really I didn't know you need to put them in a dark area. My Mom's blooms so unbelievable, she said it needs the cool/cold night temps. so I put mine outside at night during the fall, and on cold days and Viola!!! mine bloomed this year. I think next year I'll do a test and put one in a dark area and the other outside and see what happens.
I learn something new from you all the time.


Devorah said...

If you do an after thought thumb then you do not have to worry about a gusset ...

Your mitt is very cheery!

Susan said...

Sara, I'll be hoping that you haven't put a hex on your mitten knitting mojo! I'll tell the cactus you said so.

Cat, perhaps going outside in your area would be the same as a dark closet here. I believe the idea is to change the amount of daylight and temps, like the trees go through. I can't remember how long they were supposed to be in isolation but here it was still so warm outside that they'd just laugh.

Devorah, thanks for the info about the afterthought thumb and the followup email..and I did one on Fetching and didn't even know it! I'll try that on the next mitt.